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saw tool Customers Reviews

  • A pretty good tool for your camping trip in the woods

    posted by milky81

    Here are the pros:-Its small and still has a fork, a knife, a spoon, and some other utilities.-The build seems kind of cheap but is still sturdy and holds together fine.-You get a small satchel for keeping the tool in which is nice to have.-The knif is pretty good and has a decent sharpness to it.
    I do not have much more to add here.
    This tool is pretty good and has some of the tools you would need on a campingtrip for eating and other stuff. I'm happy with it.
  • Very useful product

    posted by jestpaDX

    Almost all the most important survival tools in one smal kit.
    Very long 7,2cm flint (the longer it is, easier for use). It is sparks very easily.
    Small compass, it can be very helpful.
    Whistle with loud and tiny voice.
    There is also saws and ruler (2cm long).
    On packaging you have short and very helpful easy understanding user manual in different language (English included).
    Striker need to be turned with text up, because the age of it are sharper on bottom side, so it is easier for making sparks. Before first use you need to remove black paint from fire-starter, you can do it with striker or some knife.
    Flint and handle are glued together and I can only hope the glue is good enough to hold it together for a long time, otherwise the flint can be lost very easily (drop out of handle).
    I like useful multi-function tools and this is one of them.
  • Very useful

    posted by Theospaghetti

    numerous features
    good construction
    VERY useful if you need it
    great for campers
    In this day in age of lighters, you shouldn't need this. And with GPS you wouldn't need a compass. But should you ever find yourself in a situation to which you would need these things, your only hope is that you have one of these on you. Every time I hit the woods, trails, or mountains this thing is in my back pocket inches away from my gun on my hip. Because just like a gun, if you ever find yourself in a bad situation, it just might be there to help you out.
    If you're an avid camper, hiker, outdoors person then you probably want to have this just as much as you'd want to have your weapon out there. This tool is simply necessary.
  • just as good as the sweedish

    posted by fr4n0

    Is a light my fire copy, I have a few of these, as well as sweeden brands and there are just as good as the sweedis firesteal, is great just last arround 12000 strikes.easy to use
    You have to take the paint of first (one or two strikes will do), you need to get a lot of experience to be able to get most of it but when you do you can do as much as the guys on tv survival shows (with this).good material to catch a spark is important watch videos, coton is always gooda pice of advice use your thums on the "holes" of the handels if not it will be hard to do it
    great 100 recomended
  • Excellent for camping or office

    posted by mgalicia

    This device is very useful due to its compact size, it can easily be added to a survival kit, camping, purse or where required to have a multitool. The footprint is minimal so it is easy to transport, is of good material and durable, can cut wood without problems
    The chain is long and wide enough to cut logs so fast without much effort. It is more practical than a hand saw, due to movement of pull that can be performed with both clips.
    the black is right

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