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sata to sata Customers Reviews

  • Great product!!!

    posted by vilibalt

    It simply does what it is supposed to do, without any problems or glitches. The USB cable is very pliable and easy to manipulate. The SATA to USB interface has two LEDs to indicate power supply and disc accessing. Even did a great job with a disk that had some problems when it was mounted in previous housing. The connection to my PC was very fast and uninterrupted.
    Be careful when inserting the disc in to the HDD protective case. It seems to get stuck 2/3 of the way in, but it is designed that way. Disc can’t fall out.
    Great value for money. Definitely will buy another when or if needed.
  • Cheap and useful

    posted by wmartin

    - Allows you to hotplug SATA drives without taking out other drives on the same voltage source.
    - Has resistors on the 5 and 12V rails. Hotplugging drives connected to these adapters lessens the voltage load on the power supply. Won't brown-out other drives connected to the same power source.
    Cheap, effective. Build quality is so-so.
  • They angle upwards

    posted by ruupje

    - Cheap- Works Fine- The quality seems decent enough
    I used them on hard drives contained in a Cooler Master 4-in-3 device module. In which the drives are mounted horizontally. (normal)The case is an Antec Three Hundred Two.
    They angle upwards. Apart from that, they work absolutely fine. And for a great price!
  • nice, works, great

    posted by Anthonettex

    Great for my needs. There is an external HDD here at DX that requires this sort of cable. Feels solid and well made (for a cable anyway).
    I havent benchmarked file transfer speeds and peaking rates and that is simply because I'm not bothered..
    If you need one, go get one here! If you've stumbled upon this item make no mistake it is your destiny to buy one. Or two. Or three....
  • acessórios muito úteis por um bom preço

    posted by lemos37

    My computer has not been entering and - sata. therefore I bought this adaptador that is easy of installing and using. I liked the quality of the cables that is accompanied by the adaptador.
    I bought them cable together with a dock station with e-sata. was very good. I begin the computer and the hd is recognized in the setup.
    today it is a very useful tool. avoid to have to open the computer to adapt hds. it connects the hd outside.

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