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  • Well built device.

    posted by rndl4mk15yens

    Installing is very easy, in 5 minutes. The cables are long enough in regular pc. Price is lower than single port devices in regular stores.
    Used in conjunction with sku 81169 "eSATA Male to Male Cable (90CM-Length)" External device has to be powered externally via own power adapter.
    If you own a device with an esata port and a computer without, but a free bracket: get this one, don't look any further. You will not be dissapointed. Don't forget to buy sku 81169, they are cheap enough.
  • Very good quality and great accessory!

    posted by Rossberg

    Build quality.
    Perfect length (from back of your computer up to your desk).
    This is probably one of those things that you could very well have use for but simply didn't know it until you saw one. I use one for my motherboard that for some inane reason or another can run raid on one internal and one external sata port. So I plug one of these into the e-sata port on the back and loop it back into the case where I have my drive.
    I also use this together with sku.474 (http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.474) as a fantastic fast backup rig. I use the power supply from the sku.474 and instead of the slow USB connection I plug my sata drives directly into my motherboards e-sata port. Like most people I have a few old drives that I have replaces with newer, bigger and more quiet drives. Instead of throwing them away I plug them in from time to time and backup my data onto them.
    You just gotta love DealExtreme for making more obscure stuff like this available to us. Yes, it's a little bit on the pricey side but the quality is top notch and the usefulness makes it really good value after all!
  • Single Port SATA To eSATA Cable PCI Bracket

    posted by mayden4

    I have put the bracket in a free slot. Attached the cable to a free Sata post. After that i restarted the computer. The Bios recognized the hardware straight away. After that there was no problem attaching my HD. Works flawlesly with My Iomega 1Tb Professional HD wit E-sata. Perfect
    Cheap, Reasonable build, attached cable long enough. Easy to put in good connectors
    Just cheap and working perfect.. It's a cheap must have for attaching external E-sata appliances
  • GREAT Front Panel !!!!!

    posted by killgates

    Full front panel, easy to install and great finish.
    USB 3.0 ports, card reader, SATA and eSATA ports work perfectly.
    Power switch and power cord Sata complete the perfection of this product.
    The neon blue LED when using the card reader is very tasteful, as well as the inner light that lights up red when using the power button, the panel Colors very tasteful.
    Worth more than cost, product quality above the standard. Perfect for anyone seeking a number of features on the front panel.
  • Jó termék néhány hiányossággal.

    posted by samat57

    Jó termék, sok hasznát vettem eddig. Az ide csatlakozóval nem volt gond, mind jól illeszkedik bele. A SATA csatlakozó már nem ennyire bíztató. Különbözo HDD nél más a táp és a data csatlakozó közötti távolság. Így elofordult, hogy nem illeszkedett. Hasznosak az Esata és a kártyaolvasó csatlakozások.
    Sok lehetoséget ad, egyszeru használni. Hiányosságai ellenére is hasznos eszköz.

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