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sata to esata Customers Reviews

  • Great adapter!

    posted by pcmihnea

    As so may know, the SATA standard defined an external connector and cable (eSATA) that is more protected to EMI and designed for more plug-unplug cycles than the internal one. This connector is found on many (if not all) modern desktop PCs and notebook computers. Unfortunately, the end-device (usually a HDD or DVD/BD drive) is connected with the newer, more accessible (and universal) connector, USB (2.0 and/or 3.0). So, if you want to connect the afro-mentioned SATA devices, you'll need this cable, plus a power source (12V/5V). The cable itself is more protected against interference than the internal one, due to it's diameter, so it should work without problems.
    It's quite rare, I haven't found anything like this in my country.
    Want to connect a standard SATA-based device to your eSATA PC's socket? This is the cheapest and fastest solution available (instead of a more expensive one, a drive enclosure/rack).
  • eSATA Cable PCI Bracket

    posted by StefHurkens

    Cheap, Reasonable build, attached cable long enough.Easy to put in good connectors
    I have put the bracket in a free slot. Attached the cable to a free Sata post.After that i restarted the computer. The Bios recognized the hardware straight away.After that there was no problem attaching my HD.Works flawlesly with My Iomega 1Tb Professional HD wit E-sata. Perfect
    Just cheap and working perfect..It's a cheap must have for attaching external E-sata appliances
  • Works perfectly

    posted by cristihossu

    no compatibility problems in Windows XP or Windows 7 x64. even though case looks plastic it is quite sturdy.no driver required for card reader, SATA and eSATA work well as long as you have the available SATA ports on your motherboard
    work as expected, have not tried a USB 3.0 device yet, but USB 2.0 devices work perfectly in the USB 3.0 ports.chipset is VIA xhci for the USB.
    Definitely recommend.
  • Works as expected

    posted by Boulder08

    Uses a well-known chip (Silicon Image 3132).No problems setting it up, and so far no problems using one SATA drive plugged in it.Drivers were easily found on the Internet, also a BIOS upgrade was available.Much cheaper than similar solutions available in Finland.
    Delivery was faster than what I expected, it took less than 4 weeks (Christmas and New Year period included).
    Recommended if you need extra SATA ports!
  • acessórios muito úteis por um bom preço

    posted by lemos37

    My computer has not been entering and - sata. therefore I bought this adaptador that is easy of installing and using. I liked the quality of the cables that is accompanied by the adaptador.
    I bought them cable together with a dock station with e-sata. was very good. I begin the computer and the hd is recognized in the setup.
    today it is a very useful tool. avoid to have to open the computer to adapt hds. it connects the hd outside.


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