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sata power cable

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sata power cable Customers Reviews

  • Useful but build quality somewhat lacking

    posted by vicks11

    Very useful product. The fact that the power and data connectors are joined into a single bar makes the connection on the HDD much more secure.
    Pretty useful product. I like it very much.
  • Re-use your old hard disks

    posted by enRiki70

    It is very little.
    I tried successfully with both 2.5 IDE and 3.5 SATA disks and with Windows XP and Windows Vista.
    It isn't an enclosure, so you must be careful with your devices since they are exposed.
    I haven't tried to have a HD plugged for long time, but I don't think it is a good idea.
    If you have lots of old hard disks (like I do), this is a nice and cheap way to recover data and re-use their space.
  • acessórios muito úteis por um bom preço

    posted by lemos37

    My computer has not been entering and - sata. therefore I bought this adaptador that is easy of installing and using. I liked the quality of the cables that is accompanied by the adaptador.
    I bought them cable together with a dock station with e-sata. was very good. I begin the computer and the hd is recognized in the setup.
    today it is a very useful tool. avoid to have to open the computer to adapt hds. it connects the hd outside.
  • Nice cable

    posted by rad3d

    Good sata connectorSnaps in placeMini sata connector fits fine
    Because of the clamp the sata connector clings onto the onboard connector.You have to push the metal to disconnect.It will not come off if you don't want it however it maybe somewhat less convenient to quickly remove it.In my situation the connector blocked the other sata port.
    Nice product for a nice price.Be careful to check your onboard connectors for the orientation. (see my photos')
  • GREAT gadget to those in need of a SATA connector!

    posted by camerush

    The price is a bargain! This device is perfect for anyone who has a SATA HDD but doesn't have a SATA connector at all, or someone who has SEVERAL molex connectors and wants to install a spare drive.
    Surprised no one has order this or made a review on this! I was surprised that it actual worked, I only order one to see how it does work and how it is. I honestly can say I plan on ordering a few more.
    The price is a steal! I plan on order another 5-10 as I can find SEVERAL use in my custom computer, my power supply has a broken SATA connector so with my 4pins that are just laying around I now can use for my HDDs.

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