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  • Good PCI Card. Cheep. Working Fine.

    posted by CrazySpy

    Very cheep card, with supports to several RAID settings and will supports 750Gb or larger HD after firmware upgrade done using DOS.
    As soon as it is working you will see a POST screen during BOOT asking you to press <F4> to configure the RAID. After Windows download the Driver everything goes smoothly.
    Build quality could be better, but for this price is understandable. Very Cheep. Very useful. Will give for your OLD PC some storage instead of purchase a new mother board. A very good choice.
  • A brilliant solution to run SATA3 drives on pre Sata3 Motherboards

    posted by snoopynz

    Simple to install and set using the enclosed drivers on CDROMIt bought a huge increase in speed using Flight Simulator. I was frustrated with the slow file loading of the scenary files. Flight simulator loads hundreds of small scenary files which could take up to sixty seconds to load. Ysind this interface and a Solid State Drive, the simulator is flying within ten seconds.
    An easy solution to running SATA3 drives on older motherboards
  • Not bad

    posted by a57737

    Works when you use previously suggested drivers.
    Matches description.
    The website to get the correct drivers from is http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=2&Type=1
    You select your operating system and browse through to find the previously suggested drivers.
    Good card, would be better if the USB ports were orientated horizontally so that you could plug devices in without issues, otherwise a good product.
  • A little expensive but does it's job

    posted by RaphaR

    I used it to flash my Samsung and my Benq Xbox Drives and it worked very fine! The instalation is easy and you can have 4 more usb ports in the back of your computer.
    In my pc, the usb ports didn't fit corretly the hole of the port, so it became useless! But i don't know if this problem will occur in every computer.
    If you need a Sata adaptor for your old pc, or a Via Chipset for flashing xbox drives this is the real deal!
  • do what I need

    posted by djstif

    Easy to setup. No need for driver installation as the device was installed immediately in Win 8
    Good for older PCs that need Sata HHDs and used for RAID setups. Get it as it is cheap and difficult to find.
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