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sata hdd Customers Reviews

  • Great item

    posted by drbeun

    Great item to increase the hard drive capacity of your old laptop. Especially usefull for equipping my old laptop with an SSD hard drive (mounting old hard drive in this external bay). Performance of laptop greatly increased. Screws to hold HD drive in place are included.
    The plastic cover doesn't seem to have a function. It would have been really nice if they had cut out the shape of the HD in the cover so installation would have been easier. Then the module might also not get stuck.
    Product works great, bit of a shame that its just a refurbished cd-rom drive module. However, functionality once the hard drive is in is perfect. Using an old 5400 rpm drive writing speeds of up to 30~50 MB/s are achieved. Way better than using an external usb harddrive. If you're not planning on exchanging the HD a often, then this module is ideal.
  • Works on a ASUS A52J

    posted by aupovi

    Everything.For the ASUS A52:Just remove the screws (one is accesible right from the bottom of the computer, the other is hidden behind a lid in the bottom, you will have to unscrew 6+ screws) and remove the optical drive. insert the 2.5" disk and just slip everything in the hole. I just used one screw to secure the caddy, the one accessible right from the bottom, and that's enough.
    It has a blue led always on, and slightly brighter wne accessing the drive.
    Very good buy, I already ordered another one for another computer.
  • works perfectly

    posted by valentinmtl

    Works well with a M-SATA SSD that came with my laptop.Generates its own 3.3V, so it will work even with a molex to sata power adapter that only provies 5v and 12vThe adapter has no other logic, so no drivers required.
    If you have a small SSD and want to speed up your PC without spending the money on a full sized one, this is for you.
    does the job
  • Great Value, Very Reliable

    posted by dremond78

    > Metal Case helps disperse the heat> Quick and Simple installation> Windows/XBOX/Wii Compatible> Activity Light shows when its being read/written to
    when including screws, it would be more helpful if it was mentioned that they are tiny, or include some details as to what tools may be needed
    Overall, a great investment for anyone looking to re-use an old laptop hard drive... definitely something I would recommend to a friend
  • Awesome

    posted by Jacob32123

    I had a two hundred gigabyte SATA drive from a laptop sitting around, and this made it into a useful USB hard drive
    It has a OTB (one touch backup) button, I have not used it, but it is cool
    Multi color indicator LED
    Nice case, the hard drive is shiny
    A lot of people say it looks like an iPhone with it's reflective sides
    Works great! I would recommend it to anyone who has a SATA drive just sitting around.

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