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sata hdd 2tb

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sata hdd 2tb Customers Reviews

  • Slim enclosure with nice finish

    posted by ashyu

    Overall, this is a nice metal compact enclosure, and is one of the cheapest ones that comes with a standard USB 3.0 Micro-B connection on the hard drive (as opposed to using the full-sized A connector that most cheaper enclosures use). I prefer to have the Micro-B connector as most other commercial 2.5" external hard drives will use this same type of cable (e.g. my Western Digital and Toshiba 2.5" USB 3.0 drives use the same connector). Nice as these cables are easier to come by. Overall, the pros are:* Standard USB 3.0 Micro-B connection on hard drive side* Good price, compared to other options* Nice brushed-metal finish* Slim* No-screw design means you can put your hard drive in without any tools.
    I would not recommend this enclosure if you plan on swapping drives in and out often. But if you're going to keep the same drive in it all the time, once you get it in, all seems fine. I haven't tested it for USB 3.0 speeds. You may like or detest the flower pattern design on it. It's subtle enough for me that it doesn't bother me much.
    It's hard to get your drive in, so if you're not patient with such things, you may want to look elsewhere. But if not, overall, I recommend it as an affordable option with a USB 3.0 Micro-B connector - for me that was what sold me.

    posted by surajnaircpgc

    Handy, Easy to use, Sleek Body, Easy Installation-Looks great. Easy to carry.Best thing is the High speed data cable ( even though its short but still great) Overall I would still give it a SOLID -10/10..
    Best Buy for 1/2 TB hard drive
  • Works well, doesn't fit thicker drives

    posted by RahzaDream

    Works well, appears to protect the hard drive adequately. Fits hard drives 9.5mm thick and lower.Read/Write speed is average, appears to be fairly consistent.
    Aesthetically pleasing, looks nice when closed
    Get this if you want a good quality 2.5'' HDD enclosure for those spare hard drives you have laying around.
  • Awesome Product

    posted by AZGFOREVER

    Surprising excellent build, considering that it is from china!
    It does its work,easy to install,no software changes required.
    I love the blue led indicator as it matches my cpu's power and status indicator leds :)
    It easily allows you to change your laptop hard disks without messing up with your cabling.
    On my part, i bought it as it allows me to fit my 2 500 GB laptop hard disks in my small Desktop.. but it can be a great tool for IT Technicians..
    If you need hotswapping 2.5" hard disks on your desktop, buy it! its worth the price, and the wait! Its build quality shows it will last long.


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