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You can find fashionable sata cable at a low price. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can also browse sata cable hdd and sata 7 cable. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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sata cable Customers Reviews

  • Good SATA Cable

    posted by MadCowTeaM

    - Good price compared to the local sold ones.
    - Seems to be of good quality and stable build
    - Long enough to reach any inside-mounted hard drive easily.
    - When you need aditional SATA cables this is the perfect choice. I got one since they cost alot more in the local stores (ewen if some also came from DX)
    - It works like it supposed to.
    - It has a realy stable build so it wont break ewen if it rubs against other components.
  • Good enough

    posted by enkrypter

    the cables was able to transfer data as fast as other ones i use. So far i transfered 3TB of data and had no issues. they plugged in very nice and feel sturdy, 50cm was plenty long and doesnt apply tension to cables or connectors. These got a nice colour to them and add accent into the dark case
    i bought a few just in case the tips broke or where faulty
    Its a SATA you connect it to a harddrive and it works. If you are reading this review than all you need to know is whether it works YES or NOYES
  • The best such adapter so far

    posted by monnier

    Works well, fast enough. Both hdparm and smartctl are able to talk to the drive through this adapter, so you can control spin-down time and drive temperature.
    When my 3.5" drive is not spinning, the power brick uses a bit more than 2W.
    As close to an esata connection as I have found (for those cases where esata is not an option).
  • Excellent quality cords

    posted by carbafx

    Good qualityIt has a good looking into my gamer cabinet with blue leds (bought it for that porpuse)The hook at the SATA cable that fits on the Mother Board works pretty good.You can not confuse the way the cords plug into the devices. It just goes in one way.
    It works for me like a charm.
    Good material. It is easy to plug and avoids pluggin to many times cords into devices on the computer. In one try you plugged two cords, Awesome!
  • All right excellent product.

    posted by jagutierrezs

    Excellent product, good price-quality ratio, good packaging, resisted halfway across the world so that came into my hands in Santiago, Chile, good building materials in terms of hardware, software as this works in 90%.
    Good experience, now to continue to buy more products, which hopefully llegen faster.
    all good.


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