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You can find fashionable sata cable at a low price. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can also browse sata cable hdd and sata 7 cable. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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sata cable Customers Reviews

  • Working like a charm

    posted by ripe666

    SATA 3.0 and working as intended. I connected my DVD drive to motherboard with this. Much cheaper than from normal electrical shop and the cable is cool looking and thin. Easy to plug in and it's really good if I compare it to my previous Sata 3.0 cables that I got with my computer case. Everything working with this cable!
    If I need more SATA cables I will definitely order them from DX.com
    Much cheaper than from normal electrical shop and working like intended. Thumbs up!
  • Great cable. Very useful

    posted by y9696

    Good build quality cable that is not too long, so it is easy to use when near computer.
    Very useful in connecting external hard disks when you need extra speed during transfer. There is problem however (not related to the cable). Not all motherboards support hot-plug with sata and not e-sata, so connecting hard drive while computer is on may result in broken hard disk. Connecting the hard disk while computer is off, works always.
    Easy to use and good quality cable. Especially useful if your motherboard supports sata hot-plug.If not, it may be better to use a USB enclosure although it will come at the price of lower speed.
  • Nice Item

    posted by apolq

    the cable is very sturdy, looks strong and length is just perfect. easy to use and easy to plug in and plug out from the SATA HD. when my friends saw it they were asking where i bought it.
    should have bought a few more and give to my friends. will buy more on Christmas and give it a present.
    this is a good item specially to those techies! very helpful and very easy to use. should have bought extra for myself.
  • Price, speed and versatility. Fantastic product

    posted by reeza

    What a fantastic little device this is and for a great price too. USB 3 speeds, light but great build quality. Tested with a number of SSD drivers and they have all detected under Windows.
    The "Super Speed USB 3.0 to SATA Adapter" has come in handy many times for cloning hard drives and upgrading systems from standard to SSD drives. This is a permanent part of my IT tool kit.
    For the price, speed and versatility this item is highly recommended.
  • Good Buy

    posted by ocap112

    *Super fast*Takes up very little space*Build quality is good*Stable
    Iwe used this on a tripp with an old MacBook Air SSD disk and a http://www.dx.com/p/apple-macbook-air-ssd-convert-to-sata-22p-converter-adapter-w-pack-of-install-screw-black-139438Could be the other part that takes time to boot up, but it usualy takes about 10-30 seconds to mount the disk the first time. Iwe used a 13" rMBP and Finalcut to edit material from my GOPRO Hero 3, and have worked great to work from an SSD. The first time i started it i had to plugg the second usb (2.0?) to power before it would boot. Culd be that i was eeger and didnt wait the time it takes to mount. Mounts faster with external power, once its mounted it works great with good speed.
    If you want something that is easy so use, and want to be able to mount different disks, and fast aswell, this is a good option.

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