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sata cable male female

You can buy cheap sata cable male female from us. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. People who browse sata cable male female also browse lightning cable male female and iphone cable female male. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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sata cable male female Customers Reviews

  • Excellent quality cords

    posted by carbafx

    Good qualityIt has a good looking into my gamer cabinet with blue leds (bought it for that porpuse)The hook at the SATA cable that fits on the Mother Board works pretty good.You can not confuse the way the cords plug into the devices. It just goes in one way.
    It works for me like a charm.
    Good material. It is easy to plug and avoids pluggin to many times cords into devices on the computer. In one try you plugged two cords, Awesome!
  • I used to extend a IDE to SATA adapter

    posted by brunols

    The cabble could not be stronger, it is in fact very good and well built.You even have a ground cable spare to use, avoiding interferences and errors.The lenght is perfect for me, I connected it on a SATA to IDE adapter that I bought here on DX, and placed it inside my First Generation Apple TV.
    You can use it to connect a HD to and xbox 360 externally, very good if you need to have easy access to the HDD contents.
    The priece is good, the cable is strong and reliable. A very good deal!
  • Very useful

    posted by darkstalker

    CHEAP CHEAP CHEAPAt least now I do not have to go messing around in the cramped casing. I just leave this out to a open space and when I need it, it within easy reach
    This is very useful when you are DIY guy and you want to connect a 3.5" harddisk. Now where to get a enclosure.. well why not plug into the spare sata port for transferring of data? So much faster then going through USB and a hell lot cheaper.
    This is a must have for all PC DIY guy.
  • ok, it works fine

    posted by Dr4k3

    Contrary to my fears, it seems to be working. I have extended my 1m cable between nVidia 5200 chipset SATA port and Samsung HD642JJ drive to 2m and it is working just fine.
    Specs say max cable length for SATA is 1m and for native eSATA 2m.
    I wonder how may of these do I have to use to break the connection. I plan to order some more, so I'll find out soon!
    buy it if you need it
  • good stuff

    posted by ddakovic

    Does the job exactly the way it's supposed to - extends your SATA and power signal from the computer, to your device - not more, not less! :)Price/performance ratio is greatBuild quality is very good - materials used are high quality, finish is good. all in all, a very good product.
    none - the item works as advertised and at a good price. I bought 2-3 of these same items, since the price is good, and they work well. I did not regret it. The length is good and you can always tie the cables together if they are too long for your case.
    Buy this! You will not regret the decision!

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