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  • A brilliant solution to run SATA3 drives on pre Sata3 Motherboards

    posted by snoopynz

    Simple to install and set using the enclosed drivers on CDROMIt bought a huge increase in speed using Flight Simulator. I was frustrated with the slow file loading of the scenary files. Flight simulator loads hundreds of small scenary files which could take up to sixty seconds to load. Ysind this interface and a Solid State Drive, the simulator is flying within ten seconds.
    An easy solution to running SATA3 drives on older motherboards
  • CF-SATA Cardreader

    posted by a012626

    It works! So much quickly your card how many allows. My CF Transcend 8Gb 133x exchanged the data at 42MB/Sec.
    I use as reading CF instead of USB-cardreader.
    For me (photographer) it is very actual.
    Easy to use and install.
    The old card CF Kingston 1Gb 50x in mode AHCI does not work.
    It simply it is not visible Windows XP 64x and AHCI mode.
    It not a problem of the adapter.
    Very good adapter. Good quality.
  • Perfect to fit inside Apple TV 1st Gen!

    posted by brunols

    This adapter is perfect for fitting inside the Apple TV 1st Gen!It will convert any Notebook SATA HDD to the OLD IDE interface. IDE Notebook HDDs are very expensive today and low on capacity, with this adapter you will win this limitation.The adapter is HIGH QUALITY, you will not have errors with it, mine is used 24h per day and never failed.
    If you want a cheap HTPC, but an old apple TV and google for crystalbuntu. With the CrystalHD card, you will have a very nice HTPC. You will want to upgrade the HDD, but IDE HDDs are expensive and low capacity, BUT you can fit this adapter inside the AppleTV like I and many users did, and now I have a 1TB HDD!
    Im using a 1TB WD HDD 24H per day for about one year and never had any problems!
  • Nice gadget

    posted by kanulec

    I was looking for sth to put mSATA drive in small laptop with zif connector. I have Dell D430 with old zif 1'8" drive...I need this laptop to be fully working in car, so less mechanical parts is better. mSata better than normal HDD.
    If you need it like me,it's the best choice! :)
    Good price good to use, old laptop can be a little faster now :)
  • It works, works, works

    posted by vagservice

    It's small, it works very well, it's got a built in LED status light. The price is cheaper than I could find anywhere for something like this
    Some people wonder why you would use this. Most laptops, where you typically find 44pin 2.5" drives, don't usually have room for these adapters. The true use, though, is in embedded systems that utilize these drives. If you need one you know that though.

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