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sata 2 Customers Reviews

  • Decent SATA Expansion PCI-E card

    posted by mmany2

    * Small size
    * 4 SATA connectors (you can't use them all at the same time, but still, 4 connectors)
    * Works in Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit (tested with Ultimate edition)
    * RAID
    * No driver issues with multiple connected SATA-chipsets in the same machine. I have SATA chipsets from VIA, ICH and now SlI all running at the same time with devices attached to them.
    Only real downside on this card is that I don't use a bootable HDD with the card, so I have to mess around during bootup, but it's not really that big of a problem.
    A really cheap RAID PCI-E Expansion card that is also bootable. The PCI-E connection makes it quite fast... faster than regular PCI cards with SATA chipset(s). If you're short on SATA-slots and you want more harddrives connected to your PC, I recommend buying this.
  • A brilliant solution to run SATA3 drives on pre Sata3 Motherboards

    posted by snoopynz

    Simple to install and set using the enclosed drivers on CDROMIt bought a huge increase in speed using Flight Simulator. I was frustrated with the slow file loading of the scenary files. Flight simulator loads hundreds of small scenary files which could take up to sixty seconds to load. Ysind this interface and a Solid State Drive, the simulator is flying within ten seconds.
    An easy solution to running SATA3 drives on older motherboards
  • Well built device.

    posted by rndl4mk15yens

    Installing is very easy, in 5 minutes. The cables are long enough in regular pc. Price is lower than single port devices in regular stores.
    Used in conjunction with sku 81169 "eSATA Male to Male Cable (90CM-Length)" External device has to be powered externally via own power adapter.
    If you own a device with an esata port and a computer without, but a free bracket: get this one, don't look any further. You will not be dissapointed. Don't forget to buy sku 81169, they are cheap enough.
  • A good enclosure

    posted by Yatsuya

    The build quality of the enclosure is very good: the frame and the drawers are made of hard plastic and the enclosure is surrounded by a sturdy metal shield with a brushed finish. In the package, all screws and cables are supplied (power and data). The enclosure works perfectly as advertised. The LED indicators light in a steady blue, as long as a drive is inserted, and they flash in red whenever the drives are accessed for writing.
    The enclosure is well built, has a decent design and it works without problems with one SSD and a hard drive in it.
  • Works as expected

    posted by Boulder08

    Uses a well-known chip (Silicon Image 3132).No problems setting it up, and so far no problems using one SATA drive plugged in it.Drivers were easily found on the Internet, also a BIOS upgrade was available.Much cheaper than similar solutions available in Finland.
    Delivery was faster than what I expected, it took less than 4 weeks (Christmas and New Year period included).
    Recommended if you need extra SATA ports!

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