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Buy quality sata 2.5 3.5 at our online store at low prices. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Of course, you can find them from sata disk 2.5, 2.5 sata optical. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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sata 2.5 3.5 Customers Reviews

  • Clone adaptor OTG

    posted by chriso99

    I can't believe the price of this thing - I'd pay that for a power brick/wallwart.
    Very impressed clones drives easily.
    Clones without a PC.
    With adaptors can clone IDE to SATA.
    Clones very quickly.
    I waited for several months for the device but did get email updates about supply problems.
    Eventually it was air freighted from Hong Kong to the UK at no cost.
    Fantastic gadget - I will buy more of them as they clone safely unlike a PC.
  • Card reader ports don't work

    posted by Monomate

    - It reads your internal hard drives externally! So you got to have huge storage space for a low price.
    - Its build quality is pretty good.
    - Comes with a lot of cables, including e-sata.
    It is a utiity gadged that makes your access to your HDs easier than actually installing them inside desktop computers.
    I recomend for everyone that has a lot of multimedia files and wants to store it more safely and cheaply on an 3.5'' Hard Drive.
  • Nice Box

    posted by asabite

    It has a nice thick body which gives you confidence.It has a separator inside allows you to keep 4 2.5'' disks in one box without touching each other.They have notches on them to align one on another which works perfect if you have several disks.
    Maybe the stickers should be glossy so we could erase the notes and write back again.
    If you have OEM disks you need to keep them safe from static electricity and humidity and these boxes work well for this, but if you need to carry them around you need to stuff with additional sponges.
  • Hdd Docking Station Review

    posted by jcarval

    The case is made of top quality plastic. The PSU cable is long enough and don't gets to hot in use. The cable provided is USB 3 and well maded one. Installed an 1 TB disk WD green. When transfered content to the external one, I got a transfer rate about 33 Mb/s, considering that my port is an USB2, I am very pleased. This unit can handle with two disks at once.
    European buyers should order a plug adapter SKU 3529 in order to use it in homeland. It comes with an CD with some backup software, at least two apps to do the same and a bunch of drivers to install, never used it. It is just plag and play,
    It's really a good buy. Overall great quality for the money
  • Mass storage at the touch of a button

    posted by roderix

    Makes your mass storage portable.Instant avalilability of your archived data. USB 3.0 interface is fast! Ideal for those PCs that have all SATA interfaces in use.
    Using the same enclosure, power supply could be placed inside it, so that you don't need to carry along so many cables.
    A good interface for those hard drives that are not always in use. (And you don't want them spinning all day long inside your PC).


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