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sanyo batteries Customers Reviews

  • Nice!!!

    posted by tiagosan

    They are real, the package has a sayno hologram.I order these batteries to use with my son's wii controls and it works really nice, other rechargeable batteries don't last these long. I'm very happy, I know they are a little expensive, but I the end they are really worth it.
    I have small kids so I hope the AAA size comes soon.
    You have a very happy costumer, that it ready to order more, using alkalines batteries makes no sense.
  • Great choise!

    posted by FeyToDie

    These batteries are perfect. Their capacity are pretty high (has been checked out on iMax Battery charger), and I can use it on my HWAWYS UltraFire C1 flashlight for a long time on these batteries. They don't run very hot too.
    These are probably the best batteries of this kind you can get for the price. And they haven't exploded in my hend yet so I guess they are pretty safe.
    If you need some 18650 batterys, definitely get these ones! Great choise!
  • Product Excelent !!!!!

    posted by LHBI

    Excelent !!!!! the product is really excellent, it was what I was looking for !!!!! Perfect match for batteries sanyo enealop !!! great for charging the batteries for flash !!!!
    Very good !!!! I point out that you can buy this product you will be super happy !!!!!! Excelent !!!!! the product is really excellent, it was what I was looking for !!!!!
    OK !!! Product Excelent !!!!!I have nothing to add, really pleased with the product ...
  • Best 18650 batteries on the market by my opinion

    posted by Teresaa

    These I have found the best 18650 batteries on the market. Don't waste your time and go and get them. It offers me long vaping time, also with using ma one ohm resistance atty coil. By measurement they will last more on 5 Amps the AW's IMR 2000 mAh. I have used also other branded IMR batteries, but I don't need them anymore.
    It comes with a plastic protection case for free.
    I can only recommend. For this price it is unbeatable!

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