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  • Wireless charging - just like a toothbrush ?

    posted by drutley

    The wireless charging receiver fits well inside the battery compartment surprisingly well despite its thickness. Charging rate is 1000 mA which is half that of the Samsung charging adapter provided with the phone. It has no problem transmitting the charge through the waterproof case also purchased for the phone (item #273766). Should you have your phone in a similar style case you may find it cumbersome to open the charging port to plug in the USB charging cord. The Qi compatible charging mat is slightly larger than phone dimensions and comes with the wall adapter and USB cable to power it. The unit comes with 2 LED's to indicate power to the mat (Red) and upon detection of placement of the phone correctly over the mat, a beep, beep sound accompanied by a green light appears indicating a successful connection and charging begins.
    Inductive charging is nothing new and the convenience of placing your phone down on the charging mat reminds me of a Sonicare toothbrush. No need to replace batteries, just place it back into the holder. The charging works through magnetic transfer of energy where the coil receiver inside the phone placed in close proximity of the transformer inside the charging mat completes the conducting circuit.
    The convenience of placing the phone down on the pad to charge is helpful for those that forget to plug in the USB cable.
  • Works

    posted by microdomenic

    No more cables!!wireless charing!Easy to install!
    If you have the skils to put some wires from the connectors on the phone to the s-view cover. it should work again. I didnt to it, just switched to another cover while I'm wondering if I should spend the $45 to get an original s-view cover with wireless charger included.
    Bottomline is that this module does what its supposed to do. It charges the phone wireless. Its nice just to lay the phone flat on my desk and it charges.
  • Works well in my Galaxy S3

    posted by TheCataplinez

    Very easy to install. It fits perfectly on the top side of the battery. The back cover fits smoothly and ensures good electrical contact between the card and the phone. When used in conjunction with a standard QI charger, the range is good.
    A good point is that it works with the phone original back cover. No need to replace it with a thicker, uglier and more expensive one, as seen with other models.
    Simple to use and effective.
  • cheap and works for Galaxy S4 M919V

    posted by Madman604

    cheap, works, comes with reciever sticker as well.plug into any usb power/source adapter and you are ready to go.red led shows when on, green shows when phone is connected and charging. no annoying speaker beeps and such. wireless charging means no worn out micro USB port. Placement of phone does not seem critical. drop the phone on the pad and it works.canhold phone 1/4" above surface of pad and it will still charge.
    its $18. how can you complain? well would have been nice if it was a complete kit with a power block, but who doesn't have one already?used on my Samsung S4 M919V (Wind Mobile in Canada)
    buy it. no regrets.
  • receiver wireless charging galaxy S5

    posted by jinglestudio

    small - fits perfect , sensitive , picks up current very fast , charging my galaxy S5 fast , 1000 ma current thats's more than other receivers from differend brands, not that kind of crap other people are saying : that the original back cover is not fitting anymore - it fits perfect and it is cheap !
    phone getting a little warm , but nothing to worry about , thats normal , the phone ( battery ) will get a little warm if you charge trough usb port anyway , so no problem .
    works great - fits well - tried other brands , but this is the one that works the best ! - cheap - buy it !

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