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samsung stand black Customers Reviews

  • Excellent, Fits Snug, Great for watching video's

    posted by debro

    It Fits the Galaxy Tab (7") snugly, but not tight.When you open it, you can flip the front cover over, and fold out the stand, which catches on some of the ridges on the front cover.All slots/plugs/buttons/camera lense/flash are fully accessible.Front and back cover extend past the tab by about 5-6mm in each direction, ensuring that if you drop it, the tab doesn't hit the ground, only the cover.
    It's pretty cheap, and very functional.
    I've had it for a few months now, and it seems to be wearing ok.I'll be buying another one, when this one starts to wear out.
  • Good product for fair price

    posted by MaximReznikov

    The phone holder fits easily into standard air conditioner outlet in the car. The instalation is very easy and take less than a minute. The grip of the hoder is good and fits exactly my new Galaxy S3 mini (i8190). Doesn't requier mounting on the front glass of the car, so it doesn't interfere the view of the driver.
    The quality of plastic is not very high, however it is not exected for a 5$ product. If you are looking for a product which will serve you for a long time and looks great, you will need something different.
    Good product which does exactly what is supposed to do for a fair price. Good for everyone using the phone without protective back case.
  • Excellent full body case

    posted by Josh3093

    *It protects the rear of the cell including the edges.*The back support is perfect when you want to watch a video.*
    With some other cases it's difficult to extract the S-pen, but with this case that's not a problem.
    If you want to protect you cell against shocks or any "heavy duty", this case is a good option
  • Surprisingly well built

    posted by nogginboink

    This windshield mount is surprisingly sturdy. It was, in fact, rather difficult to flex the gooseneck when I was setting it up. This sounds bad, but in practice it means that this thing won't flop around in your car. I was able to use this to capture usable 'dash cam' footage with my Galaxy S4 because the phone was held steady by the stand.
    The plate that holds the phone is a separate piece from the suction cup/neck. I'd bet that other holders would be compatible with the suction cup/neck and you could swap out phones/GPSes/whatever without removing the suction cup from your vehicle if you were so inclined.
    This stand is worth it. I've only had this for a short time but I don't have any regrets at all about ordering this product.
  • Working but looks like it's an S3 version

    posted by abartels

    Build quality is very good, material used looks nice and shiny. Usb connectors are of good quality too.For this kind of dock it;s very cheap.Usb cable is of very good quality too.
    I use this dock in my car, i noticed that it doesn't charge my S4 as quick as it charges on my 1Ampere car charging cable.
    I would not recommend it for use in a car, but for home use it's quite good

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