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Every single samsung s4 case displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

samsung s4 case Customers Reviews

  • Best Protective & Usefull Case Ever

    posted by LiviuIonut

    Protects very well from dust. Jack and micro-usb have covers. The speaker is redirected using empty channels down and in lateral (dust can not enter in the speaker like other cases)Very good shock absorber. The phone is protected from all the sides. The leather is soft and good quality. The transparent plastic used for the transparent window in the front has very large view angle (maximum 160-170 degrees), if you seen the screen you see the clock for sure.The lateral button are all protected from dust, and they can be pressed but a bit harder. I usually do not press the power button because the screen turns off (after timeout) when the cover is closed because the phone detects that.The home button can be pressed with the cover on very easy.The phone can be used to answer/reject a call without opening the cover case. Home button to answer, power button to close, volume up/down to control talk speaker.
    The best feature of the phone is that through the transparent windows the phone can detect if your finger is sliding from left to right or from right to left. All the alerts can be snooze or cancel in that mode. Answer and cancel a call can be done using same method, finger over the transparent window case. That is the best on this phone and can be done using this cover because use proximity sensor not screen touch.The slide button from the left side of the cover can be used like next:1. In the upper position the phone detects if the cover is on the screen or not using proximity sensor in that area.2. In the lower position the phone do not detects if the screen is covered by the cover and you can see your screen (your widgets through the transparent window). If you slide the button down, you answer the call.The front (all) sensors and the call speaker is not cover, the front camera is covered by the case. The back camera is well protected because it is placed deep in the case.
    The best cover from my point of view. (for this phone that I can found now)I will buy another one, specially if the screen became more larger in height (2-4 millimeters)I use the case for more than 3 months and the sound is much better now because is directed on lateral and down not in the back and can be heard much much better now.I talk to phone with the case closed all the time and the synthetic leather is very fine when touch and hold very good on hand (never slip from hand). It is very good that the both microphones (up and bottom) are not cover by the case and the noise cancellation works great.This is a good design with only one minor bug (see above).
  • Great Deal

    posted by netsurfer

    This is an excellent silicone case. It fits my Samsung Galaxy S4 perfectly. Without a case, I felt like the phone was going to slip out of my hands all the time. The case has a great feel to it, supple and great grip. It also looks very sharp and I love the flip out stand on the back. The cutouts give it an elegant and unique kind of look to it. When you lay the phone face down on a surface like a desktop, the case rim gives great clearance to protect the glass. Buttons work great through the silicone "buttons". Fits in my shirt pocket nicely too. All plugs fit nicely with no problems for fit.
    The case was all I expected it to be.
    This case is built with very good quality and to top it off is sold at an excellent price. I highly recommend this case and I would buy another one. Well done DX.
  • My favorite

    posted by maribluft

    This is my favorite case (I have about six). It is really thin and light, preserving the slim character of the phone. The protection from dust is perfect, for it reaches the crease between body and screen.
    I can't understand the "handwritten" text on the back. If you do, please tell me! :-)
    Very good for everyday use, for heavier situations, I have a sturdier one ;-)
  • Almost perfect

    posted by Perb123

    This is a VERY snug case. At first I thought my phone wouldn't fit but after some more fiddling, I got it on properly and it is super tight. It doesn't add much to the phones size but, as far as I can tell, it will still protect your phone if you drop it. There is a protective rim that will save your phone if you drop it face down. Good openings for all sensors, the speaker and the usb-port. It gives you good grip too, the naked S4 is way to slippery (for me at least).
    If they would come out with a 2.0 version of this with the power key problem fixed, I would buy it again.
    Very close to perfect, fix the power button issue and you're there.
  • Good

    posted by ringomanic

    Fits perfectly for the samsung galaxy S4, good color and all of the ports can still be used
    For the price, it's a very good protective case. And I will recommend this to other people, bought this for my friends and they like it.
    I'm very happy with the protective case! For the price it's an excellent protective case and much better then the expensive ones. I've recommended this to all of my friends who've own the Samsung Galaxy S4

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