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You will be surprised our best samsung s i9300 with an artful design and an amazing price. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. People who browse samsung s i9300 also browse samsung s i9000 and samsung s i9100. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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samsung s i9300 Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by Clems57

    Has good quality. Price is cheap. Lens are (I think, in glass) which is cool. You really can zoom quite far and, of course, take videos and photo, like that.
    on y galaxy S III pictures are not "full frame" it has dark corner on it. So, forget to have full frame picture. Not a "cons" to me, but it has to be said. :-)
    good product, I would recommand it.
  • Impressive!

    posted by Darvius

    Quite impressive quality and very easy to use. It took me just a few seconds to put it in place on my Citroen and it's amazing.I holds the phone firmly in place but a front button you push make it easy to take the phone out. It will not work with most of the cases available for the phone, but you don't need to worry: It will not let your phone fall into the ground.
    It's ideal for cars that, like most Citroen, have the windshield very far from the wheel, making most of the windshield models useless.
    Now you can finally enjoy your S3 during road trips! Don't forget to buy a longer cable and a car adapter do charge your phone on long trips!
  • Really nice

    posted by Darvius

    Works pretty well, won't feel weird on the screen, it fits well into the hand.
    It works better if your Galaxy SIII is updated to Jelly Bean, thanks to Project Butter. Writing on the screen is still not a real thing, but if you like drawing, you'll find this pen very comfortable.
    It's a buy, specially after comparing with the 3 or 4 pens I've made myself.
  • Good and solid stylus

    posted by GadgetFrantic

    A solid stylus made of aluminium alloy.Comes in different colors.I use it when I need to access my phone and my hands are dirty or wet - at work and at home.Doesn't scratch the phone's screen as the tip is made of a kind of rubber.Best cheap price.I used it on my SGS2 & SGS3. Works perfectly and accurately, also for drawing.I recommended this stylus to a friend who uses Galaxy Note 2 and he said its a goos replacement if you lost your proprietary stylus, although it doesn't fit in the phone itself.
    Buy it - it's a good stylus.
  • Nexus 4 User

    posted by neppydotcom

    *I use it for my Nexus 4 althought its designe for the S3*It is rainproof, i also felt in ground in a rainy day and the water didnt reach the device im so happy that with!*The gray strip is reflective
    *This is not long lastring.*I dont know how but the front plastic now is scratched (prob in usage)*The gray strip is reflective*It does what it suppose to do: carry your phone on your arm and protect it from splashes
    Nothing else to say


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