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samsung replacement battery

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samsung replacement battery Customers Reviews

  • Rami

    posted by raimomaester

    Relatively powerful battery. The price affordable. There will be no delivery charge.I hope life is long, and only a few weeks of pleasure. If you will not be disappointed with this product, I could order more in the future similar.
    The price so affordable that you should order a parent in the phone.
    I have ordered from here several batteries of different brands of phones and everything has worked, with one exception. Replaced with another of the same kind of battery, but that did not work.
  • battery's fine, but the cable...?

    posted by amarshukla

    As a whole, it's really cheap (much cheaper than the samsung official battery), and the battery works perfectly - even after about half a year, it lasts a good one and a half days on a single charge.
    Even though the cable's useless, this is still worth the cheap price and is probably better value than a lot of others out there.
    I like the really good value and long lasting battery, but please do something about the cable.
  • Works well

    posted by LamKaYau

    Cheap and functioning. Qaulity seems to be very good. It fits perfectly in the Samsung DV300 Camera
    The OEM battery is about $30. I bought 2 of these and is only about $11. Both batteries work fine. I have not tested on long-term usage, but at this price I'll treat them as emergency backup when my original runs out of charge.
    Very good batteries for the price. Our local stores here do not carry the OEM battery. When I bought the camera, battery replacement is my main concern. But now with 2 functioning spares, I have no more worries.
  • Looks good, big battery = long life

    posted by CanadaCG

    Fits the Samsung Galaxy S GT-19000M phone perfectly. Oversize battery gives very long life to phone. The cover is attractive and has an OEM (professional) look and feel to it.
    My Samsung phone would "eat" the factory battery quickly. It's probably becuase the battery was getting old and also becuase I had a few apps loaded that like power. But with this over-size battery, I don't have any issues with battery life anymore. Makes the phone slightly thicker, but it's not a problem. The trade-off of extra life is well worth it.
    If you still use one of these phones like I do and you want to have extra talk time, standby time, app use time, then this is an economical upgrade to your phone. It looks so good that people think the phone came this way!
  • Good working and duration

    posted by tols9

    They have the same duration as original batteries. The batteries charges normally, no excesive heat detected during the charging.Very useful for the people that need more than one battery in the day, in a intensive use they stay for fourteen hours without problem.The price of the two batteries is less than one os the original.
    The came in a very useful box to store the different batteries.
    Receive in Spain without problem in two weeks.

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