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samsung note Customers Reviews

  • It does the job

    posted by ghorkov

    -Lasts around 75% more than the original samsung 2500 mAh battery.-It's back cover, even this makes the cellphone kind of a brick, this adds grip. The cellphone becomes more manageable, since (for me) it was very thin for it's dimensions.
    There's something weird about this batteries: the recharging time. Takes less time to charge this batteries than the original (which is half the size and capacity).My thoughts are that, this batteries, surely won't have a long lifespan.
    A squared price-quality relationship.
  • Cheap ... in both ways

    posted by R2D2DIDI

    As you know it is cheap, like everything else from dealextreme.The protector is easy to place.It comes with a easy to read instruction.(well instruction... but you will be guided)The cloth that comes with the protector is very handy to remove those airbubbles away. (keep the cloth clean!)
    The instruction says; In a dust free enviroment.By chance I do not own a cleanroom;So underneath the protector there are bubbles/blisters you can't get away.
    For it's price; buy it!But buy more then one! You will need to replace them every month (or earlier!)
  • Great product for the price

    posted by Sumushtinis

    Fits perfectly, easy to install, had no problems getting the bubbles out of the middle of the screen, protects from scratches.
    Is this a must have for a gorilla glass 2 device? I don't think so. Though, bought and will use it, hope to keep the glass of the device clean for as long as possible.
    Great product for it's price. A must have for this device? I guess not.
  • Good power bank! I'm impressed!

    posted by ceekaysickart

    It's a really good power bank. At first I thought it might be a cheap thing which stated "20000 mAh" but be like "3000 mAh". But I was wrong. This is actually holding that many mAh and is working great. I just recharged my phone with it (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) and it recharged at normal rate.
    I wanted a good power bank and I got one. This is actually a good buy!
    If you have a 5V 2mAh charger, use it to fill the power bank. It'll take approximately 12 hours for a full charge, but it'll be very useful in case your power runs out and you need to recharge your device.

    posted by bongski55

    Fits the original galaxy note very well. The stitching is very well done. It also serves as a stand although as the cover gets worn out the standing position might not be possible as there are no stoppers designed for stand. There is also the presence of the magnet which I don't really like but is is placed on top part so it will not affect the display.
    Over all I am satisfied with this cover as there are almost no available flip cover anymore for galaxy note at this time. Highly recommended for purchase....

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