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samsung note screen i9220

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samsung note screen i9220 Customers Reviews

  • Nice screen protector

    posted by BrunoRatoBR

    + Nice screen guard+ Best price per pack (only 0.70 per item)+ Easy use
    Good screen guard, must have for any smartphone owner. Save you screen, buy one them you will have you screen protected for a year
    Buy if you have a Galaxy Note I or any smartphone with less than 5" screen to use to protectGood item with the price 0.70$ per item. Great product, must have for any touchscreen.Can be used in other touch devides(good because of the size of 5")
  • Great fit, finish, and look

    posted by eyeshore

    Very nice, matte black finish.Feels soft and solid in the hand.Fits snugly to the phone and does not shift at all while using, but is easy to slip on and off again.Doesn't drag or catch on my pocket as I slide it in or out and doesn't make the phone feel any bulkier.
    Excellent choice for a good looking, low-profile Galaxy Note shell that I can hardly feel is there.
  • Fantastic, diamond sparkle screen protector!!

    posted by smurfin

    It sparkles like diamonds, I thought it was just "diamond quality", but it is very beautiful, yet subtle. It gives your screen a little bit extra. It is not flashy, you as a user will probably be the only one to see it. And it is also "diamond quality"!It is very clear and a bit glossy.It fit'sIt is really easy to put on in 1 try.No bubbles at all!! You do not have to wipe off bubbles, there are just no bubbles.
    It comes with a little cloth to clean your screen, extra dust stickers and a little plastic card in case of bubbles, but you won't need it. It is not static (no dust attraction) and it covers at once, without bubbling.
    Fantastic product!!Will order a spare one, just in case :)
  • Good price, good quality

    posted by romik55

    It is really nice that it comes in a 3 pack, because i needed to change the first one after a week or so. My phone fell on the pavement and had a really nasty scratch on it. Thankfully the screen protector saved my display from any damage. The price is just very nice to keep my precious display intact
    The Cleaning cloth isn´t a very good quality one, feels a bit rough, but whatever for the price. Maybe use it like a finisher after applying the protector. But for serious use i would recommend those better ones.
    I would definitely recommend this one.
  • Amazing Case

    posted by Dweezil

    The materal is rubberized, with smooth and silky finish. It is of excellent quality. Fits the phone snuggly, but it remains flexible, so it is not difficult to take off. The edges are well made and smooth, and overall quality is great. The case has a very low profile, it doesn't add bulk, so the phone remains very thin and sleek. It is also very light.
    I bought this case for a black Note. Although the darker colors (purple, black, red) go better with it, this case seems surprisingly nice. Still, I would recommend this for a white phone.I also bought Moshi cases for Galaxy SII, and the results are equally impressive.
    Moshi cases are by far the best cases I have ever had. They fit perfectly, they're made of high quality material, and are not difficult to remove, like some other cases. Plus the price is amazing. I really recommend Moshi cases on DX!

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