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samsung note 2 n7100

The samsung note 2 n7100 your looking for is one of our top sellers. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. You can also browse samsung note 2 n7100 holder and samsung note 2 cable. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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samsung note 2 n7100 Customers Reviews

  • Awesome! great quality and design!

    posted by Idan85

    Price is just right, the case is fully silicone of high quality, design is perfectly fit to cover everything. I ordered many cases for other phone in the past from DX and this one was the best buy by far!
    I might get some more in other colors... a different color for each day of the week :P they're great
    GET IT! not just because it's pretty, because it will actually really protect your expensive Note 2! (best phone ever made!)
  • Excellent

    posted by RobinLong

    InexpensiveAttractiveAppears SolidFits Phone wellFits charging cord wellMatches white phoneExtra room in the dock which may allow for a case
    The dock is light weight, which may mean it will be easily tipped over while the phone is docked. I've only had it one day so we'll see how well it stands. The cup that holds the phone has extra space to either side which suggests that I may be able to us the dock with a case. It also appears that a wider phone with the same thickness of the Note 2 might also work on this dock.
    Great for the price. You will be happy with it. I plan to experiment with cases to find one that fits while the phone is docked
  • really suited for grey note 2

    posted by shucong

    Cheap is the only things that i can introduce for the first strong point2ndly, it really fit in nicely and look pretty well with my note 2..but i dun think it suit well with white version note 23rd, it dint add on alot of weight to the 162g of note 2..feell pretty the same even after putting the protective cover onto my samsung galaxy note 24th it Protects your device from scratches, dust 5th Colour shown exactly as wad i see from website and smooth on holding
    elegant back side look..with a S shape behind it make it artisticDelivery nicely pack and buy 3 at even lower priceit would be better if we are able to choose in a bundle of 3 different colour and enjy the same bulkrateor bundle with screen protector to make it more worhty
    CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP but come with the quality..side grip is very useful especially while holdingNeverthelss, the price is so attractive that will not stop u from buying
  • five is better than one

    posted by Kirupa

    - Low price- You get five- each screen protector is protected with 2 pieces of plastic, one on the front and one on the back- you almost don't notice that it is on the screen
    The price is low and having more than 1 is very useful. The first one I tried had dust under it, so I tried the second one and it was perfect.You basically have 5 times to get it right and removes the frustration when one has dust under it.
    If you got a N7100 and want an almost invisible screenprotector... get this set!
  • luxury and functional

    posted by akuswara

    luxury looks, certainly not just talks when saying it's stylish. well made and sturdy, and you don't need to remove the original back cover, the phone can click in and out easily, the cover can be folded to form like a kickstand that keep the phone stand on its side. the front cover click shut with a magnet. the back hug the side curves, look lovely with black and ivory-white combination.
    looks like this is well made, and can last long. if you like to be very critical, the flip cover is slightly larger than the screen size, but it doesn't bother me, instead if gives a bit more cover for the edges.
    excellent buy, recommended.

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