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samsung nexus battery

The perfect samsung nexus battery here to meet all your needs. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. protector nexus samsung or samsung cable nexus contains many hot and popular products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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samsung nexus battery Customers Reviews

  • Extra life for your Nexus

    posted by turamvar

    This battery is great. It makes your phone lasts twice than with the original battery. I've used it in occasions in which I would need the phone and I wasn't sure whether I would be able to charge the phone (long trips and visits to other cities during the weekend) and it does its job.
    Perhaps there could be different colours for the back case?
    As I said, there is no such thing as having extra battery without adding weight or volume. Not yet at least. So if what you are looking for is extra life, I recommend this battery. If it is too uncomfortable, you can just use it when you *really* need the extra battery.
  • Size of stock battery, significantly more charge

    posted by compufreak7

    It appears and feels exactly the same size and weight as the stock battery, however it roughly holds 1.5x the charge. So far (about 1 day) it is getting roughly 1.5x battery time compared to stock so quality appears good!
    Purchased this in combination with an external power bank so I never have to run out of juice on the road again!
    Great build, feels as qualitative as the stock battery. Holds way more (~1.5x) charge though, and performs like it as well. Great product.
  • Good product !

    posted by NenadM

    This is great product. Working with Nexus S phones battery. Package was good, just slow delivery time, but that is all. If you need second battery, you have just found one for your Nexsus phone. You can charge another device with the usb connectorCan be used for personal or professional usage.
    I recommend the purchase for personal or professional usage.
    Take one, it's working product !
  • Super little battery charger

    posted by Bozzie4

    - it has a US plug and a EU plug - handy while travelling- loads all the types of batteries for the i9250 that I have (original + several from DX)- appears to charge a lot faster than through USB- amazing value for money- simple- build quality is definitely ok- indication of charging (red/blue light)
    I can't comment on the sturdyness or the durability yet. But for 5$, I'd be happy to order a few more spares .
    Super product . Get it, with a couple of spare batteries and you'll never run out of juice again on your Nexus !
  • Cheap, works well, but not perfect

    posted by ElmoTheElk

    Very cheap compared to official replacements, size is mostly right so it fits well.
    The omission of the NFC chip should really be noted in the description.
    Cheap and decently build battery for 'emergencies' when your Galaxy Nexus needs some extra juice. However, it is not a true replacement as the power is lower and - important for some - the missing NFC chip means your Galaxy Nexus WILL loose NFC functions when using this battery.

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