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samsung n7100 usb data cable

You can find fashionable samsung n7100 usb data cable at a low price. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. samsung tab usb data cable and cable data charger samsung usb are the hottest keywords that customer use. With your support, we can do better.
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samsung n7100 usb data cable Customers Reviews

  • USB 3.0 and a lot of USB compatibility

    posted by Mauricifj

    I use with my USB drives, keyboard, mouse, wireless keyboard and mouse (USB antenna), my ps3 controller connect with USB cable etc. The second cable let you transfer data to your pc with USB 3.0 speed (this feature needs a pc with USB 3.0 slot).
    Really nice to enjoy my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with wireless mouse and keyboard. Nice to use my USB drive with smartphone easily. Actually, plug and play.
    Buy it and have fun with your compatible smart device.
  • super strong, durrable, and well worth the price!

    posted by Natecobb

    the cable is well shielded and puts out plenty of charge for almost any phone with the micro usb connector. charges my droid 2 no problem and fast. have used on wall outlet as well as car adapter with no problem here in california. looks and feels like a $60 cable and matches my hdmi cable.
    no problems with the wire or connectors. the pins are all straight and the cable doesn't feel cheap at all!
    get one for your room or living room to show off, so far my friends love it and i love it as well. but they think i spent a fortune on it lol.
  • Nice one

    posted by nedk0

    I like this cable very much:1. Nice2. Pretty3. Does what it have to4. speaks to the computer ok5. charges the phone ok6. Has dots on it7. Looks funny8. And cool :)
    I joke about it that it is a gayish cable :) This is a lady's accessory and I found its use a fun :)No one else have cable like this. I find it easily among all my other cables - it just pops out. Mine is blue.. may be I should have taken the purple one in order to be more provocative ;)
    I'm happy with it and I use it. It looks very funny on my desk place. Does what it is meant to.
  • Pretty glamorous cable

    posted by moruavaG

    Pretty glamorous cable. Of sufficient length have enough to connect the phone to usb port, which is located at the bottom of the chassis. Very suitable for all devices with a mini usb connector: on the 500GB hard drive, mp3 player, phone.
    Does not apply to the minuses, but do not really like the mini usb connector to the end is not in the device, just somewhere in the 2/3, although the functional properties of this is unbroken. The wire is gentle enough, so do not be afraid to bend it, it is unlikely to succeed.
    I advise you to buy a cable to your white gadget, it would be doubly nice and stylish)
  • Great quality product

    posted by andreiani

    It's very well built, can't get it twisted in a know, which is actually a very good thing because my old standard cables used to get tied every time I stored them away. The transfer rate is normal, just like any other transfer cable, the only thing that's different about this one is the design which is actually very neat.
    If you want a great quality cable which prevents from getting tied up in a know when storing away I recommend this one.
    Great product... I recommend it. I believe there it is also available in other colors in case you have something against black polka dots.

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