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Purchase the latest samsung n7100 cover with wonderful pricing Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Find more hot gadgets at samsung n7100 purple and charge samsung n7100. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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samsung n7100 cover Customers Reviews

  • Fashioned Sturdiness

    posted by PrinceXEvil

    Looks really nice,It fits perfectlyThe colour is what you get, which is quite pretty.
    The quality could have been a tad bit better. However, for the price and if you feel you need metal to protect your phone.This could be the one for you. They got other colours too.
    Price quality comparison, I think it is a good purchase.If you require that perfect case, this is not for you.If you need protection and style and hard not too fussed about perfection, then this product is for you.
  • Fantastic. Just like new.

    posted by samdouglas77

    Looks identical to the original - same feel, same glossiness, identical colour etc.Doesn't feel like a cheap knock off. appears to be original manufactured item as its perfect.
    Wish i'd ordered it months ago. very happy.Was packaged well, came pretty quickly (especially since its coming from Hong Kong etc) and well boxed/
    If you have a ding, scratch or dent in your Galaxy Note 2 bezel - this is your boy. Took me about 10 minutes to take apart the phone and put the new bezel on (quick youtube search helped).Just like new now. Really happy and its gone straight in a case now! :)
  • Great Battery performance weak battery cover

    posted by limby

    Now my Note2 lasts the whole day with extensive use. My original battery only lasts me up to 9-10 hours of use but this one boosts it up to 19-22 hours. It also charges fast. I am super happy with this battery's performance because I dont worry about my battery life anymore. I usually unlpug my phone when it says 100% so I unplug around 11:30pm at night and it lasts me up to 1-2am THE NEXT DAY. So that is more than 24 hours. I only said 22 hours because I dont use the phone when I go to sleep. LOL
    I hope DX also sell a silicone case with this battery and battery cover so that my phone can still be protected. I went to the auction site to buy a silicone case for this because I cant see one in DX.
    If you dont mind the added bulk and the weight, I recommend on buying this product because the battery life you get compensate for the added weight.
  • Its a lovely Case

    posted by tppickles

    Full Metal,seems very tough and durable,Fits the phone snugly and wont come loose,The Aluminum doesn't flex or bend which means the phone could take a bit of an impact on the back without causing any damage.
    For half the price of buying a case in a store this is a great option, it looks stylish and keeps the phone very well protected. This case doesn't add a lot of bulk to the phone which is a major plus.
    If you like green and need a case for your Note II this is a great option. If you live somewhere that has cold winters it may be best to pick up a plastic case or at least wear some gloves when using your phone with this case.
  • Perfect Case for Note II

    posted by Regiris

    Case for the original Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100. Excellence. The back cover is easy to put on and tightly. All holes are at places. The material is very pleasant to the touch. It looks like the image. Protects the phone's screen from scratches. The front cover is dense, does not bend.
    On the back cover is the inscription Galaxy Note II. Thickness of the phone in a case 11 mm - that is 1.6 mm larger than without it. Worth its money for 100%.
    Would recommend this to everyone.


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