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samsung mini s5570

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samsung mini s5570 Customers Reviews

  • Good and cheap cover to your Samsung Galaxy Mini

    posted by samir21

    You can't buy a better cover to your samsung galaxy mini by this price. It's ultralight, nice to the touch and it combined perfect if your samsung is white.You can buy 7 or 8 with the money you could expend to buy a cover like this in Spain.
    It would be funny have a lot of different colors and go changing it every days.
    Good price and useful, just buy it ;)
  • Good Battery

    posted by rafaelbr54

    I'm using it on a Galaxy s5770B, and the overall time of use improved a lot. The battery fits perfectly, and i think that even the performance of the smartphone improved a little.
    I have it now for over 2 months, and still haven't noticed any degradation. I'm already considering to buy another one, just to keep a spare one ;)
    For this price, it's really a must have :)
  • Rami

    posted by raimomaester

    Relatively powerful battery. The price affordable. There will be no delivery charge.I hope life is long, and only a few weeks of pleasure. If you will not be disappointed with this product, I could order more in the future similar.
    The price so affordable that you should order a parent in the phone.
    I have ordered from here several batteries of different brands of phones and everything has worked, with one exception. Replaced with another of the same kind of battery, but that did not work.
  • Good extra battery

    posted by panax87

    Great quality battery and good performance, the charger can be used also for original samsung battery.Battery is compatible with i9000 and i9001 (tested) and i suppose other Samsung i900X series.Time of charging is generally low and duration of battery is acceptable. Good matherials for both objects.Charger has a red-blue light that alert you when battery is charged.Good quality/price.It's a must for a phone with this battery life.
    I need it
  • good product

    posted by zokkac

    Shippment was done after three weeks. Very good protection for your Galaxy Mini against scratches and accidently drops. Looks nice, the main surface is blurry transparent white sourrounder by white hard plastic.
    needs to be cheaper. good look, good design. after some time, it become a little stretchy.needs to be cheaper, maybe
    Worth to have it. Good product.

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