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samsung i9300 screen protector

You can find fashionable samsung i9300 screen protector at a low price. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Browse the products from screen protectors film samsung i9300, or some other related Pages like samsung 2 screen protector. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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samsung i9300 screen protector Customers Reviews

  • very usefull thing

    posted by skofolo

    this is item that works only one thing, protects your mobile phone screen. And does it very vell.
    COmpared to much expencier protectors that I could purchace in Croatia, it seems fair for that price. If you like to have it sticked without bubbles that you have to mix water with a little Dishwashing Liquid and squirt it on LCD screen. than pull out water.
    buy it before you damaged your cell phone. the only thing is that you have to wait some time untill it arrives, so if you have good phone do not wait buy it at home whatever the price is. If you are buyin, buy more for you, family and friends
  • High end, looks and feels great!

    posted by marcelocampelo

    This ain't no cheap film, i've bought some models of protectors but none of them has been better than this one. The price is one of the highests, but $2.5 can really be considered as high?This film fits perfectly and has no mistakes, the material is the best. We can feel the difference instantaneously .
    Even the cleaning tissue feels a lot nice and high end. It cleans better than those little yellow ones, so it doesn't make any bubbles when applying the film
    It's only a package of two, but even if it was just one, would be worth it
  • Worth the price

    posted by PedroMoschetta

    Comes bundled with the complete kit you need for applying the skin in your screen; very detailed instructions, excellent quality, good for disguising fingerprints on the screen, doesn't affect the color of the screen.
    Some people say it's easier to apply the film after shower, since the steam removes the dust from the room.
    Although it has a higher price tag, the film quality is excellent and it comes bundled with a lot of useful extras for applying it. Totally worth it.
  • Very good quality

    posted by alperkaban

    It's completely suitable with the screen of Samsung Galaxy SIII i9300. When you stick it on the screen, if you clean it well, there is no bubbles. I have bought this 5 pieces but I have used only one of these. Because of it's high quality, I use one of them for a year and I have given two of them as a present to my friends and they are glad for this.
    There are a lot of brands in dx.com, but this brand (Screen Guard) is the best of all.
    I really recommend to you to buy this product. I guarantee that you will not be sorry.
  • Very very nice!

    posted by rafaelmff

    Very good material qualityIt's not painted, the color came from material (like a mix of micro dots on blue, light blue and withe)Fits perfect around the S3Holes size for button access are ok and ease to press downThe surface is texturized with very smooth touch and wont feel off you hand easily;
    I think that could be bigger to cover full button and the top on S3, but that isn't an big deal because the most important places are cover.
    Very good quality, very similar to Incipio covers.Could be a bit cheaper.

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