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samsung galaxy s3 battery

The perfect samsung galaxy s3 battery here to meet all your needs. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Customers can also browse samsung galaxy s3 battery case or samsung galaxy s3 battery cover to find their desired products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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samsung galaxy s3 battery Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product!

    posted by davidmezza11

    this case works great it has been really useful for me it charges from a nearly discharged battery to almost 50%, you can use at any charge and doesnt interrupt your normal activities, is light and compact, the design and texture is nice and worksd exactly as adevertised
    it works great, the clip holder could be better.
  • I love this product

    posted by Luximus

    First of all, this battery is bigger then standard. But it has so much mAh and that's the main reason why I've bought it. Back cover is nice, and it's made of quality material so you cannot break it easily. I didn't try to break it, but you can feel that it's quite good.
    I used battery with always turned wi-fi and mobile network, i used a lot of applications and games during that time, just to see how it lasts. And battery life is amazing. On the stand by mode, you can't believe how long does it last.
    All by all, considering how much it costs, and what you get for that money, it's a great shopping and a great deal. Yes, back cover is not prettier then original slim version, but you can't have it both - battery with this much mAh and slim phone. I recommend this for all travellers, people who talk much on the phone and using internet all the time like me, and business people who don't care so much about enlarging back cover of their phone.
  • Very happy

    posted by bardurhansen

    Now it is no technology in it, so can not say anything about it here
    No other thoughts
    I am happy with the product. Things are black and my samsung galaxy S3 is white, but that does not matter, as if I should buy it at home, so I had to give much more to it.
  • It's packed with power!

    posted by triggerdealer

    Better quality than depicted in photo. I would have preferred a version that is less gaudy than gold. Finally, my Ss Galaxy S3 phone can last much longer throughout the day.Use the DX bulk rate option for best bang-for-bucks! These batts charges very quickly using an external charger too. Was nicely surprised that it came quite fully charged.
    After a month of use, the charging cycle lifespan seems to be dwindling quicker than expected but I could have been using more apps that drains the batt heavily.
    Good value for money Vs buying originals.
  • Could be better

    posted by angelosys

    Its very easy to use. The charger has a LCD, that makes easy to know how is the battery charging.
    The EU plug power adapter helped me. Without the adapter, i could not be able to use it em Brazil.
    I recommend it if you already have another battery. Its a good way to stay with a reserve one in emergency cases.

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