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samsung galaxy s2 white

On this page, you can find a wide selection of samsung galaxy s2 white. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Browse samsung galaxy s2 case white or samsung galaxy s2 holder to find what you are looking for. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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samsung galaxy s2 white Customers Reviews

  • Good Retro Product

    posted by kania

    - Very nice case for new look.- Retro design.- It is very similar to a real cassette.- Very hard plastic case.- Fits really perfect to my Samsung Galaxy S2!- It also protects the camera lens from getting scratches.
    Nothing special to comment, just that it will be nice if also protect the Galaxy S2.
    For the price is a good "toy". But is not for protecting the mobile, just to look different.
  • Good thougth it don´t work to me

    posted by Raul000

    Good price, shipping time and build quality. It seems good and solid. Good shipping packaging. It took two weeks to come from China.It´s difficult to find a MHL-VGA adapter, it´s more common the MHL-HDMI ones.
    It only works on 5 pins usb port devices. Mine is a Tab 3 with 11 pins, so it don´t works and I need to buy an adapter.
    I suppose it works OK if you have the correct device.
  • Good TPU case

    posted by askyrex555

    Good price/quality ratio, fits perfectly. Despite the fact that case is easy fittable and removable, it holds well and protects phone completely.
    After buying this tpu case, I accidentally dropped my phone on the floor about two times but nothing happened, not even a scratch because of this soft and protective case. I'm glad I've buyed it.
    This is the best quality/price ratio TPU case for Samsung i9100 I have found so far.
  • Best looking case ever

    posted by onaqui2

    Extremely good looking on my white Samsung Galaxy i9100 S2.
    Fits perfectly.
    Easy to apply/remove.
    Doesn't (as some other cheap back cases do) alter the sound of the microphone or anything.
    The edge on the front is transculent so you can see the metalish paint on the edge of the phone.
    It's like a mix between a hard case and a soft case, it's a bit bendy and the sides are very grip-friendly while the back is "frosted" and makes it easy to slide it into your pocket.
    The screen guard is also very good, i've had mine on for over a month now and it hasn't shown any sign of starting to come off even at a corner. It's not like those copter-films where it makes your screen feel different, you can't really notice it's there. Your finger glides very easily on the screen guard.
    One of the best looking cases for your (white especially) i9100.
  • Easy to use, fits prfectly on S2

    posted by MarinKrstic

    Everything is just perfect, fast shippment, easy to use, easy to clean, good quality i hope so, i have it only 2 days, so i need more time, good colour, good material. good packaging.
    Nothing more, i already say, it fits perfectly, i am so happy
    Good quality i hope so, good material, easy to use, easy to wash, looking so good on white samsung galaxy s2. just perfect combination. not too expencive.

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