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samsung galaxy s i9000 back

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samsung galaxy s i9000 back Customers Reviews

  • nice protective!

    posted by elrubo

    - nice price- nice build quality, it seems to last long time- it fits perfectly- the wholes for the camera, the speaker, the on button and volume are perfect- nice material. it is not really strong, so it can be put on and off several time because it won't crash- I bought some different colors to change them!
    its design is really cool, and the price is really cool too! a friend wanted it for his iPhone 4
    it worths it,
  • Good case

    posted by assafganor

    Great look, the silver back surface make it looks expensive.Silicon case with metal shell for back and sides.I think that it more protective from the traditional silicon case.The holes for camera, mic, speaker, etc. are well placed. Fits on the phone perfectly.
    Does its job well, but the silicone parts could be better. For the price I think it is good enough.
    For this price I would by it again.
  • Gold case

    posted by grape1829

    Case fits perfectly on Galaxy S.VERY nice to look at -- the texture and chrome coating are good.Great price.
    Great for the price, would buy it at $5, even, and still be satisfied.I ordered this golden one and the black one with chrome sides, and my review is pretty much the same for both.The product I received is a very pretty gold all over, including the back side. I guess you might receive either (the one like pictured, with some brown, or like mine with all gold).
    Overall, a very well-designed product. On the outside, it's really shiny and nice, like a much more expensive case. Just know that the real plastic underneath all the bling is cheap, and you must be careful during installation.This cover isn't like a silicon cover where you can keep using it after dropping the phone a few times. The cheap plastic will crack in order to protect your phone, I assume.
  • Keeps you phone safe

    posted by jackolantern25

    This holder fits very snug around the phone. It is also very strong. The buttons on the sides of the phone are still easy to use and you do not have to push any harder than without the protector. The bumper is also a millimeter higher on the front side protecting the face very well.
    Good product. I know for sure the user of the phone has dropped it at least three times from over a meter high and there is no damage to the telephone or screen, this thig has paid for itself a hundred times already!
  • Great Purchase!

    posted by strayheart

    Great replacement or extras for your SGS! The battery life is noticeably longer. I can watch a full HD movie and use only 10-15% and the movies I watch are about 2 hours long each. I can also listen to music during work while I do my patrols. and I do 12 hours shifts... by the time I get home, I still got 30%-40% left
    This is useful as a backup or a replacement depending on how you can deal with the fat extended part of the battery.
    Great buy, would definitely recommend it to other SGS owners.

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