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samsung galaxy note n7100

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samsung galaxy note n7100 Customers Reviews

  • Perfect Case for Note II

    posted by Regiris

    Case for the original Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100. Excellence. The back cover is easy to put on and tightly. All holes are at places. The material is very pleasant to the touch. It looks like the image. Protects the phone's screen from scratches. The front cover is dense, does not bend.
    On the back cover is the inscription Galaxy Note II. Thickness of the phone in a case 11 mm - that is 1.6 mm larger than without it. Worth its money for 100%.
    Would recommend this to everyone.
  • Good fit

    posted by timandjulz

    This is a simple case that is thick enough to protect. It has a simple design... nothing fancy. Buttons and plugs are still accessible without much effort. Stylus is easily removed.The facing edge is clear plastic and the back is frosted. The color of your phone will mostly show through which I liked.
    I am happy with the case. It isn't perfect but for the price it is well worth it.
  • Really useful

    posted by miriamroyo

    It's perfect. It protects the screen (its a bit thicker than the mobile), it has a support for seeing videos, etc without having to hold the mobile with your hands. And it's so cheap!!
    This case is really good for protecting your mobile's screen
    Perfect for the use I wanted! It protects the screen, it has support for watching videos and reading and it's so cheap!!
  • Not very well made

    posted by gmassey

    Its quite bright and will appeal to younger users. The rubber on the edges will prevent the screen from getting damaged if dropped.The buttons are covered by rubber too which is not always the case and will stop them from getting scratched / damaged.
    On my one the glue around the edge was not very strong and started to come off while trying to fit the phone in the case - the pink plastic and black rubber were starting to become un-stuck. It may not make any difference once the phone is in there as the phone keeps the rubber snug against the case, but it does suggest the build quality
    Cheap and cheerful but I'd spend a little more and get one that also covers the screen.Build quality not all that it could be.
  • Scratch off

    posted by Choops

    It is amazing! Simply amazing! I do not know how all phones do not come with this installed already when you buy them new!Did I mention amazing!
    buy 2 cause when you scratch the heck out of the 1st one, BAM you have another lined up ready to install and then you can see clearly
    Cheap, and if you think you need it, just buy it, Free shipping! DX continues to deliver great quality products that work and constantly update their system with new offers. I love this product and I love DX

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