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samsung extended battery

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samsung extended battery Customers Reviews

  • Well, it's bigger...

    posted by Zeleni

    By my completely unscientific and fairly short test, 50-75% greater capacity than the standard battery.The back cover fits well.Doesn't increase the phone weight all that much, it's 32 g heavier than the standard battery.
    I can't help but feel they could've squeezed more capacity into the volume... It is, after all, twice the size the standard battery.The back cover is the same shiny, slick plastic of the original, but that's Samsung's fault.
    It is bigger, but not as big as it says. It's still useful if you need a higher capacity battery, though.
  • Very good if you go through more then one battery in a day

    posted by harsat

    fitts really well. some of the other "big" batteries do not fit, so thats a big pro. last almost twice as much as the original battery. lasts more then twice then most replacemnet after market batteris.Still works well after using it for over 6 month.Charge is good. not sure about the 5200mah, but it should be pretty close.
    I have 3 of those and few more regular "thin" batteries. I didnt measure but it feels like it holds more then twice the power of a regular battery.
    If you use your phone a lot - its a must. also i recommand that you buy a wall charger, and another battery, so you will always have one charged and ready to go.
  • You need this battery for note i717

    posted by joshuachassie

    I was tired of my galaxy note i717d from telus battery dying by 2pm everyday. I ordered this battery becasue I needed more talk time and more time to browse the internet. I am getting at least 2 days out of this battery. I am very happy and it makes the phone more comfortable in the hand.
    The battery is very nice and charges fully like any normal battery.
    I am happy with this product as I am sure you would be too. The 20 price tag is nothing.
  • Long Life!!!

    posted by sebater

    Better battery performance than the original one, the cover fits perfect and the color is almost the same of the cellphone, also protect the camera lens, and is very cheap, I'm very happy with the purcharse, I charge the battery more often, with the original one was charger dependent....!!!last almost 2 days with full charge!!!
    maybe more stylish!!!
    the cover scrached with ease, is polish black!!!
  • Great Battery performance weak battery cover

    posted by limby

    Now my Note2 lasts the whole day with extensive use. My original battery only lasts me up to 9-10 hours of use but this one boosts it up to 19-22 hours. It also charges fast. I am super happy with this battery's performance because I dont worry about my battery life anymore. I usually unlpug my phone when it says 100% so I unplug around 11:30pm at night and it lasts me up to 1-2am THE NEXT DAY. So that is more than 24 hours. I only said 22 hours because I dont use the phone when I go to sleep. LOL
    I hope DX also sell a silicone case with this battery and battery cover so that my phone can still be protected. I went to the auction site to buy a silicone case for this because I cant see one in DX.
    If you dont mind the added bulk and the weight, I recommend on buying this product because the battery life you get compensate for the added weight.

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