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samsung emergency charger

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samsung emergency charger Customers Reviews

  • Handy little charger that uses regular batteries

    posted by CanadaCG

    This is a very small-sized charger that uses 2 normal AA batteries and provides a USB charge to anything that needs it. It will give you some extra talk-time for your cell phone and even has enough output to put some charge on my Samsung Galaxy 7" Tablet!
    This unit is so small that you can carry it in a pocket or purse easily. A great way to get USB power for whatever needs it using just 2 ordinary AA batteries!Build quality is good and the output seems to be decent. Has a red LED light to show USB power is working - gets dim or goes out altogether when its batteries are depleted and charging stops.
    I'd recommend anybody who uses anything that charges from USB have one of these on-hand. It's low cost and very small, so it's easy to carry around. Provides great power in an emergency or just when you want some portable USB power!(It added 1% charge to my tablet in the time it took me to write this review.)
  • small emergency charger

    posted by m6tlc

    + Works with 2 AA batterys, you can by them nearly everywhere+ Small and lightweight+ Easy to use+ USB cable included
    I bought this to have an emergency charger with me, so i never have an empty mobile phone. The charger is small and easy to use so i have it allways with me
    Good product really cheap, and good quality great to use for a holiday trip without electricity, because you can buy AA batterys nearly everywhere, or transport some batterys separately
  • Suitable for charging when your on the go

    posted by Darkers

    You could charge it whenever you want when your walking , camping , on a trip and so on. You only require Double A batteries and its very easy to find double a batteries at shops. The cable length is reasonable and the switch is straight forward ; OFF / ON / Lights . Theres an indication red light when its charging when you switch it on
    The light might be necessary if its deem light but if its bright like most of the torch light it could be use in emergency cases which is handy !
    You should get it ! The price is amazing , you should grab them while you can ! For 5 bucks only

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