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samsung battery cover Customers Reviews

  • POWER!

    posted by ToniSn

    It really extended the time to use my phone dramatically. Whit normal use the battery lasted a week! even whit internet browsing and playing games. I like very much it because it brings more thickness to the phone and it is easier to keep in hand. Makes it more manlier! Bought 2 of them thou other is still in the packaging...
    Very good way to upgrade your phone to last on longer. Good for trips when you don't know when you can load your battery again.
    Just buy it!
  • Great Battery performance weak battery cover

    posted by limby

    Now my Note2 lasts the whole day with extensive use. My original battery only lasts me up to 9-10 hours of use but this one boosts it up to 19-22 hours. It also charges fast. I am super happy with this battery's performance because I dont worry about my battery life anymore. I usually unlpug my phone when it says 100% so I unplug around 11:30pm at night and it lasts me up to 1-2am THE NEXT DAY. So that is more than 24 hours. I only said 22 hours because I dont use the phone when I go to sleep. LOL
    I hope DX also sell a silicone case with this battery and battery cover so that my phone can still be protected. I went to the auction site to buy a silicone case for this because I cant see one in DX.
    If you dont mind the added bulk and the weight, I recommend on buying this product because the battery life you get compensate for the added weight.
  • Extra capacity

    posted by Tommieo

    This is a thickned battery for your Samsung Galaxy SII. It works pretty fine. You open the backside of your phone, put this one inside and make sure the new backside is made good on your phone (not difficult).Start up your phone and keep using it till it's FULLY EMPTY! Then charge it until YOUR PHONE say's it's FULLY LOADED.Do this 3 - 5 times to be sure you get the maximum capacity out of your battery. If you don't do this good (like I did the first time) your battery will be lazy the last 30%. (you can reduce this by repeating the steps before)With other words, a very good and usefull thickned battery that changed my experience of this phone very much! I can use my phone for 24-36or48 hours without charging. With the original battery i can use the phone 6-8 hours.
    No thoughts
    Good and useful product that changed my experience of this phone completely!
  • Nice one

    posted by uzmansur

    This battery is able to handle all the things you can throw at it and still keep the chugging along at the end of the day. In general, the battery is keeping the phone alive at least 2 days, unless you have installed a battery draining application.
    I wish it was thinner...
    A perfect solution if you are planning to buy a spare battery for everyday use.
  • A little big, but its worth it

    posted by riosdesantiago

    - Really extends your battery life even when gaming.- The battery fits perfect- Excellent if you need your phone to last longer while browsing, gaming, etc...- Better grip on the phone
    i think its really worth it, for the price you are getting more than you are paying.
    The only thing its the cover that doesn't fit entirely, maybe it was only mine. Because no one has really complained about it.


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