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samsung battery cover Customers Reviews

  • Very statisfied.

    posted by MrMortjon123

    I am so happy i bought this, with the original battery my phone lasted about 8 hours with serious usage. With this battery i have 48 hours minimum with serious usage, wifi on, twitter refreshing every minute and watching videos, web browsing. I was a bit worried that my phone would become much thicker but that is not the case at all, actually it gives the phone a nice weight (not heavy) and because of the bump on the back you can hold it better.
    I hope this battery will last long, it probably will otherwise i just buy another one, perfect price, perfect battery.
    If u have a Samsung Galaxy s you should get this. U get more than 2 days with this battery, thats just amazing! Probably the longest battery life for an high end smartphone
  • Works pretty well (at least hasn't exploded yet)

    posted by lavino

    Works like a charm. Battery really holds more charge than original. I have been using this battery alone charge everyday (even it is only 10 ~ 20% used). Battery is still holding charge well. You can definitely feel it last longer than the original battery. Probably not 2X but may be 1.5X. The fat body actually makes holding the phone sideway feel a lot better.
    Whoever designed the fat case should put more thought into it. Like making it can convert to a stand so you can put your phone on the desk and watch a movie or something. Or maybe some slot to put an extra sd card or attachment for zoom lenses etc.
    Love the battery. Didn't like the look at first but hey I got pass that. I will never go back to the original battery anymore. If this battery dies I will get another one. It cost < $20 to replace this one and I see original battery is going for like $70 USD. I laughed at those poor souls buying a jacked up price replacement battery whereas this one works perfectly fine on mine.

    posted by hadid90

    About double the battery life you usually get on a galaxy nexus.. the case fits 100% .. This battery beats a 100$ product ! After 1 month of usage it is still as good as it did on the first day .. amazing really
    they dont have a white case if you have the white galaxy nexus ..
    If you are complaining about the galaxy nexus bad battery life .. this is for you .. for only 12.1$ u can have your cheap pure android experience with the latest Google updates with you all day along :)
  • Bigger movile but longer battery

    posted by langas

    Good battery live. I don't know exactly if its double than before, but now I can stay with bluetooh on, wifi on, 3G on all day, listening to music through bluetooh and sharing movies with DLNA with TV and at the en d of the day I still have batery! With my old batery taht was completely impossible!!! The finishing of the plastic is from the same quality in the external side than from the edges of the Samgung Galaxy S2. You will miss your old little Samsung, but once you accept the new volume you will never thing again of battery drains...
    The first time I assembled the battery I was shocked by the new shape. I was thinking I could use it on travels where I could miss a plug. But from I have never put the old batery again. Once you notice the duriblity, you don't think in your old batery, just in bought I new leather puch.
    I recommend this new battery to all the people that wants a powerfull mobile with maximum batery possible for exdtract all the benifts of this extreme mobile. Is heavier than before and the shape of the mobile changes. But the batery increases. The finnishig of the plastic matches perfectly with the one of the mobile. But the shape is peculiar.
    I will not return to my old battery.
  • Good price, very low capacity

    posted by mikeant

    Good price, cover perfect fit. Phone with cover is thicker only about 0,5 cm. This perfect solution for extend life of my phone.
    Thicker phone with smaller capacity than with original battery - this is very depressing! Yet DX has perfect service!
    This piece of battery is useless. Maybe defective only this one?

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