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samsung 3.7v Customers Reviews

  • Good replacement battery for the original

    posted by Martin5mars

    Not leaking after 1 month of normal use, not over heating, still keeping it's charge. I can't recognize if i'm using my orgininal battery or my replacement, so i guess it's as good as the original one! Some poor quality battery will tend to swollen, but not this one. Definitively good for the price!
    I use it with an external charger, which makes a usefull setup for travelling. Always have a battery backup, charges at night.
    A would recommend this for anyone who's looking for a battery replacement or a battery backup.
  • Works well as reserve battery

    posted by Cancey

    First of all, for this price, this is a really nice buy. If you ever need your phone, but don't have time to charge it, having a spare battery is really handy. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for one.
    Just a warning: in theory, this battery is more than twice as powerful as the battery included with the phone. In practice, it really doesn't last THAT much longer. Don't get me wrong, it lasts longer, but if you are expecting to double your battery life by buying this product, you will probably be disappointed.
    Don't buy this if you are looking to replace your battery to increase your battery life. This battery doesn't last that much longer than the original. It also looks bad and doesn't feel as good. But that doesn't mean this isn't a good buy. For the price, it is an excellent product. Use it as spare battery rather than a replacement battery.
  • it's saving my life! your galaxy s deserves it!

    posted by GogetaSSJ4BR

    - does NOT make your phone much thicker!
    - does NOT make your phone ugly, has a different smooth black back!
    - does NOT make it weight a lot more!!!
    you barely notice it, really!
    I was skeptical about this, but this has really surprised me!
    - camera is not near the surface when I leave it over a table, for example
    - sound is better because it's not near the surface when I leave it over a table, for example
    - really does more than double the original battery!
    this means more than a day of heavy use!
    get it, even if you think you are not gonna use it.
    I thought I was only going to keep this charged and in my backpack to change the battery+cover once I got low on batt, but this actually became the default battery for my phone!
    your galaxy s deserves to be used with full brightness, full sound and wifi / 3G turned on when you use it! think about it!
  • Powerful Little Ones

    posted by Igor05

    Stronger than the original battery. Didn't use long enough to rate about long or vigorous use. Work really well on my galaxy ace, my original battery have never been used. Delivers the same power as the original battery, as tested with a voltimetre.
    Works well with sku 108088, that I tested as well.
    If you need spare batteries, these are the ones you should buy.
  • Very Surprised!

    posted by Scottless

    I was thrice surprised:1. Has the feel and appearance of a brand name product.2. Performance has been pretty much in line with what should be expected (but I did not really expect).3. The back case has a nicer, less slippery more skid resistant surface than the OEM case.
    Well worth the price for travel and other extended and emergency use situations.
    Running custom "Tasker" battery test application from 100% charge to 30% charge: The OEM 2500mAh battery runs 3.0 hours.This 5200mAh battery runs 6.1 hours.(OEM; original equipment manufacturer)

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