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safety tail light

You can easily find the latest low priced safety tail light offered at our online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. You can also browse tail light lamp, tail brake light. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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safety tail light Customers Reviews

  • Best choice

    posted by urfinus

    Excellent light for small money. Quality housing with protection from water. 7 bright LEDs make the bike visible in the night. Very easy to use and to put batteries in.
    If you need a good light for a little money, it will be the best choice. 2 AAA battery will work for a long time. Detailed review can be found at http://theurfinus.livejournal.com/52061.html
    This is a very usefull tail light. Best choice.
  • Great tail light

    posted by AllgoodnameRgon

    The leds are ok, although they could have used brighter ones. The lasers are really cool, totally bright enough to mark your territory when you bike on the road.
    Maybe they should make the same but with replaceable batteries. I'd hate to be stuck at night without a tail light.
    I like this one. It's a keeper.
  • pricey but useful

    posted by zhoen

    First of all: The light works!!! the LED are bright enough, the laser works, is is hard to not to see the bike at night. The quality is also better than others
    The lamp has several mode of blinking, wich is good!
    I like it, but I feel it a little bit overpriced.
  • A reference in bike tail lights

    posted by DXnobuo

    So easy to use, bright leds, a variety of strobe modes, very lightweight. Reduced size. Easy installation and right materials altought the bad quality of the plastics.
    It could be cheaper and become a top seller. The ship time was quick this time for this product, less than two weeks
    Easy to use and intalling red tail lights. Buy it for your ride safe.
  • Great bike light!

    posted by mbrasha

    Really bright light. Rear light has 7 modes (6 types of flashing and 1 constant). Front light is removable and can be used as hand light. Again it is really bright for this kind of money. Front light is aluminim alloy and can be disassembled (4 parts + battery holder + lens). Focus is fixed BUT it can be changed with little trick (I put rubber circular seal between lens and body). When you screw it together rubber seal makes it focus wider (and obviously changing thickness of seal you will make it focus wider even more). You can even devise some kind of spring between and make it really useful.
    I will need to drive it a bit. I don't know how much will battery hold (2 for rear and 3 for front AAA's). Front light is a bit heavy (108g with batteries and w/out holder). Rear light is light and plastic.
    I feel like it is a bargain. I got solid torchlight and bike lights! How much will batteries last?

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