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  • Not cheap but good quality construction

    posted by th3pr4wn

    Compared to sku 55370 these are excellent quality. They are not quite as bright because the LED is behind a silicone cover but the construction is all metal instead of plastic and they can be switched on and off manually. Easy to use, comes with batteries, fit in handle bars fine.
    Handy lights for extra visibility at night, good for use on a road bike with rear facing handle bar ends although I guess having some extra side-on visibility on a MTB / flat bar bike would be good too.
    Recommended, better than other junk out there. If they were $5-6 that would be excellent value but even at $9 they are OK.
  • Great visibility and nift lights

    posted by PolishHammer

    Great for obtaining greater lateral (side) visibility, the colors are string and are visible from a good distance away. Comes in a variety of colors.
    Still a great buy had them on mt bike for a month and used them 3 times a week, still running bright. No attempt to change batter yet.
    Buy them for visibility on anything that has spokes, from bicycle to motorcycle (might want to check to make sure they are legal tho')
  • FRONT LIGHT! IT'S A FRONT LIGHT Best 5+2 led in DX

    posted by benitocarles

    - Very bright light
    - 5 front led + 2 red on sides
    - The construction enhances led visibility due to the plastic case in front of the leds that concentrates the light to the front
    - Good price
    - Lasts a lot more on single led flash mode, than the other two flash modes.
    The silicone holder can be blue, red or white. I got a blue one but another friend got a red and a white one.
    The sequence of the flash light can change from one light to another (like the color). Would be nice to have all types of sequences. I've got the sequences: steady/flashing slow/single led from the center then to sides (see video)
    In the other type I think there's steady/fast flash/slow flash/side to side single led (really fast)
    Would be great to have another one with red lights. I've bought some of these lights to my friends and girlfriend.
  • meets my needs

    posted by klz88

    - has the functions it advertises(always on, one second strobe with 50% duty cycle and a fast strobe cycling all leds including red ones)- has lateral redlight (on each side one red smd led, not powerful but still visible)- the white light from the five LED's is combined and focused in one circle of light at 2 meters plus- hangs on tight to my crowbar- quality made is ok. can't complain. the rubber coating gives a strong feeling of protection from dirt and impacts.
    - contains a plastic white housing underneath the rubber coating. The LED are held tight together by a transparent plastic which is also used as focusing lens.- on my item, the batteries where included. they are the cheapest ones and might not last long, but still. It was plug and play.- can be mounted on the back, but i think it was thought to be mounted on the front. If mounted in the back it will not be at a 90 degrees angle and only the back wheel will be lit. Also you will throw away the lateral red lighting functionality.- can be mounted on the arcade of the suspension. Worked fine for me like this, and it looked very cool, but it is not theft proof.- it's a very good acquisition, considering that the fine for not having it starts at 30 dollars.- i haven't checked its waterproofing yet, but seems very assuring.
    - i'm very pleased with it. I managed to mount it in the middle of the crowbar (thus removing it would require to dismantle the bar - easy theft proof)
  • Perfect for urban movements

    posted by xurxokamelle

    Very easy to instal and usePerfect for urban bikesThe strobe position its very visible about 250 meters behind your bike.A very cheap way to protect you on the road.it´s cheap enought!
    This red light is very visible with low light conditions, like sunset or night.
    Perfect to your urban bike, and shorts desplacements like home to work or similar


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