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  • Looks good.

    posted by Arefiev

    - The pin comes out easily.- The alarm is loud and annoying. Just what is needed!- The string is long enough to put on all possible handles and belts.
    Tested it at home. Fortunately, my belongings were not subjected to attempted theft yet, so I'm yet to see this device work in the field.The pin could have a mechanism to prevent easy insertion so that it would take at least 10-15 seconds to silence the alarm. Some sort of screw perhaps?
    Looks good. I think it's a good purchase to increase your chances of catching thieves. $2.5 is a modest price that can save you hundreds of $s worth of property.
  • Red LiPo Safety bag

    posted by Spatth

    This Fireproof LiPo Lithium Polymer Battery Safety Guard Bag has a very durable velcro, and it is definitely made from very solid material.The big plus is that it is red, so it highlights from the inside can be something dangerous.
    Could have some inner departments, but i dont think any safe bag has it.
    This Fireproof LiPo Lithium Polymer Battery Safety Guard Bag definitely fulfilled what I expected from this product.
  • Very good

    posted by Zhooibaal

    - Large
    - All my lipos fit in at the same time. All 8 of them being 3S airplane lipos and 2S hardcase car lipos.
    - Feels well made
    - Charging cables go in nicely.
    When keeping safety in mind with the usage of lipos batteries this is a must have accessory. Damaged lipo cells easily catch on fire and overcharging may also cause significant problems. The bag prevents damage to the surroundings of the battery pack and you can let it cool off if something goes wrong and then get rid of it in a safe manner.
    A must have for anyone who uses lipo batteries and wants to be safe while doing so.
  • Cheap and good

    posted by Fenki

    The bag looks good built and stable. There are several layers of fireproof materials in it.
    I can't really say if the bag is good, since none of my batteries caught fire or exploded until now. But at least, it gives a better feeling when transporting batteries after a crash or something.
    Usually I store my batteries in a case because it's easier. But for old or suspect batteries (fter a crash, for example), I prefere this bag. Also for charging the batteries inside a room, I place them in this bag.
  • Great for the money

    posted by gosun

    I was very happily surprised by the quality of this product. It's size are so think, the foam padding is very soft, but since it's thick it provides good protection. The pieces are nicely shaped, and I was able to overlap two of them on a particularly dangerous corner of my bed (not mentioned as possible but still was, easily). The tape they provide works great, and their warnings about it and how to double-check for whether or not it might remove your particular furniture's finish were much appreciated (and well-worded, for whatever that's words). Even the neutral brown color is great, as it doesn't stand out much against the dark wood of my bed.
    If you have point end area like glass table you will need to buy this.
    The sticky glue is not strong enough but you can use any glue in your house to make it stick longer and stronger so the little kids will have a hard time pulling it off.

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