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safety green Customers Reviews

  • Surprisingly good quality

    posted by paulomatsui

    Great build quality. Great finish. Sturdy straps and buckle piece. Elastic - can fit me *and* my backpack. Great quality reflective material. Highly functional.
    Things I buy here on DX have such a so-so quality build that I was (good) surprised to get this sturdy elastic-made with very nice materials and finish.
    I've been using the SKU 117242 vest to commute by bike at night. But its quality is *so* bad it is mostly tearing down in pieces after 5 months of continuous use. This strat-vest came in just in time to replace the old vest. Looks like its going to last for more than a year of heavy use.
  • Surprisingly good reflective vest

    posted by stasikkk

    It's very light, excellent to use in the summertime for running or bicycling. Stripes are good at reflection. It's not look like builder's or road worker's vest.
    It's a very good reflective vest, on par with pricey running vests of famous brands. Bear in mind, that this vest is "one size fits M(edium)".
    If you are wearing M-sized clothes buy it immediately. It is very handy to have this kind of vest for everyone who is doing anything in the dark. Be seen - be safe!
  • Good deal

    posted by shabloool

    The light is very strong and can be seen from a long distance. I put both on the seat post (rear) and on the fork and it holds well on the bike. The color is nice. I also put one on my backpack, for night walks. Barely any plastic and a silicon cover make it more durable to hits.
    So far the battery had lasted quite well, but I'm using it for really short bike rides.
    It's a very good deal, especially since you get 4 flashlights in one very good price. The product is good, and well lasting.
  • Great for the money

    posted by gosun

    I was very happily surprised by the quality of this product. It's size are so think, the foam padding is very soft, but since it's thick it provides good protection. The pieces are nicely shaped, and I was able to overlap two of them on a particularly dangerous corner of my bed (not mentioned as possible but still was, easily). The tape they provide works great, and their warnings about it and how to double-check for whether or not it might remove your particular furniture's finish were much appreciated (and well-worded, for whatever that's words). Even the neutral brown color is great, as it doesn't stand out much against the dark wood of my bed.
    If you have point end area like glass table you will need to buy this.
    The sticky glue is not strong enough but you can use any glue in your house to make it stick longer and stronger so the little kids will have a hard time pulling it off.
  • Good

    posted by InnerCircle

    Good copy of Protek. but there is no decals.
    It seems to have enough solidity. maybe.
    The inner forms are very comportable and has a wind holes.
    It may be cool enough for bike riding.
    The inner forms have some soft and absorbable surfaces. It could have a bit absorbation for your sweat on your head.
    If you have some dexterity, you decorate this with some decals. It looks perfect with decals I think, but It looks stupid with the chin strap.
    Good enough for the price. recomandable.
    But you have to know the chin strap cannot be changed. because it is fixed by some glue.

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