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This is our best s3 i9300 tpu, they all share a great design and great prices. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. People who browse s3 i9300 tpu also browse s3 i9300 back and charger i9300 s3. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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s3 i9300 tpu Customers Reviews

  • Very good

    posted by humbertolivieri

    It has made of a good material, fits very well in the phone, you can protect your phone using something very cheap
    good for the price, if you need something to protect you cell phone you con use this bumper, cause it really works, it s a good accessory
    it worth the price, i m sure if you really need this it is the best bumper they are selling in this site, i bought another one that wasnt durable, this one seems to be even better, i hope this one can really be the best of all the bumpers and covers in general in entire deal extreme site
  • Great RED TPU Cover

    posted by colognesi

    TPU cover excellent, sturdy and has a great coupling to dispositivo.O my Galaxy S3 is red, and I had not found a cape of the same color of the device, so this cover was a treat, let the device more secure in the hands.
    The cover is sturdy and beautiful, and protects the device and how well it is coupled do not see much difference in the handling of the unit.
    Despite the introduction of the USB cable is not perfect, it is worth buying.
  • Nice Fit!

    posted by Laggboxx

    A well built case with suprisingly nice fit!Doesn't expand or loose proportions so it stays in the same shape!I like it!
    i prefer it over a belkin original that costs ~10 times more.I would reccomend this to a friend.Tried many cases but this is my daily use case!
    A nice case that is definetly worth it's price!Buy and try!
  • Good Back Case

    posted by jhooovah

    - soft rubber, maybe silicone - holes in case line up perfectly with headphones, camera, mic, flash, usb, etc. - slim profile, fits in pockets - easy to add & remove - cheap price - colour is same as what you can see here
    Just your basic protection while adding some flare.Prevents scratches to camera, back casing, but not screen.
    - Good cheap case, fits perfect. - Would recommend to friend. - Makes a good cheap gift
  • Very good

    posted by guilletopo

    It is light, nice and dont widens the phoneThis bumper protects the screen and back cover of the rubbing when you put the phone on a table or on the floor It too protects the edges if you drop the phone to the groundWhen you have the Galaxy S3 in your hand this bumper cover gives you more grip and prevents the fall of the phone
    It could have the top right edge more resistant
    The best protective case for Galaxy S3 I have found, and I have many different types of covers to this phone

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