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s3 bumper frame

This is our best s3 bumper frame, they all share a great design and great prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

s3 bumper frame Customers Reviews

  • Slin bumper

    posted by ellisamanso

    High quality product. Super lightweight and resistant. The bumper is a plastic case. Made of moving plastic, serves perfectly on the galaxy S3. Easy to put on and remove it from the appliance. The prices are super low and the product is very worthwhile. its slin.
    I have much experience in shopping for this type of product for the Internet and I have to say that Deal Extreme is the best place to buy gadgets and cases for mobile phones. best price of the market and the best products.
  • Everyday frame

    posted by porfiriof

    Good visual fits nicely on the device without getting escaping. Protects all edges of the device, protecting the device in a possible fall.This bumper frame is very malleable, easy to put and to take out but without letting escape the device during use
    The framework does not protect the bottom of the device, but prevents the bottom of getting scratched.
    Good price, great fit and good visual... it's a great frame to use everyday.
  • Excellent bumper....

    posted by psenzanonna

    . Perfect fit. Great Protection. Great looks. quality material. Durable. Allows removal and re-placing very easily. The white color merges with the rest of the phone, making it look like it is not an accesory, but part of the phone itself
    T has good quality and does what it is supposed to. Covers back and front (it prevents the screen from hitting a plane surface if placed down). Too bad for that hole in the upper right corner.
    This is a very good bumper for s3...excellent protection, looks and quality. It prevents the screen from braking due to edge bumps (S3 screen breaks very easily when the phone gets bumped in the borders, corners specially). Good protection for S3...get it. it is the BEST LOOKING BUMPER for S3 too.....however, that hole in the righ corner is really bad andd meaningless.....deprimends the protection for no reason.
  • I'm happy with this product

    posted by ffbento

    Good build quality. Nice finishing with good material and painting. Really easy to use as it just pull the cover and remove the phone (important if you use a car stand and need to remove the bumper as I do).
    I suspect that if it drops the paint will get scratched but not looking forward to try it. Not sure if it's better or worse than silicon bumpers to dissipate energy when falling but I don't like silicon ones because of how it looks and the amount of dust they get.
    Really happy on how it looks and how easy is to use it.
  • Ok, but bearly

    posted by vonSchnoid

    Sweet, nice deep blue color finish. Thick sturdy aluminum alloy adds up to the feel. The lock slide mechanism works well and doesn't feel flimsy.
    Unfortunately the cons outweighs the pros on this one and i wouldn't recommend a buy.

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