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s3 battery cover Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by vinaooo

    Considerably increases the usage time of your SGS3 and taken away from the Chargers.
    If you do not care about the appearance of your end SGS3, buy this product.It is excellent for those who need to spend long periods away from outlets and chargers.
    Good product to buy.
  • Good price, very low capacity

    posted by mikeant

    Good price, cover perfect fit. Phone with cover is thicker only about 0,5 cm. This perfect solution for extend life of my phone.
    Thicker phone with smaller capacity than with original battery - this is very depressing! Yet DX has perfect service!
    This piece of battery is useless. Maybe defective only this one?
  • Item works perfect

    posted by Nexys

    Battery works fine, due it's high power I can enjoy my cellphone more time beacuse my last one was a bit inflated and I was afraid it would explode any time.
    Shipping was in the expected time. Since the item came from China I was just hoping the item don't get lost on the delivery process.get lost on the delivery process.
    I just seriously hope the item won't explode since it's not an original battery.
  • Yeah, but...

    posted by NayNou

    Good for the price. The cover fits well, the battery doesn't get hot even with fastcharge.Phone life is is extended by about 50% in heavy use.Better duration with light use.
    It's adviseable to wipe battery stats and do a battery calibration after installing this.
    Well, it doesn't have the huge capacity they claim, but it's good for the price. Makes the phone twice its size. this could be a pro (I personally like to "feel" the phone in my hand, and the original sgs3 felt too thin and fragile) or a con, depending on your taste.
  • I love this product

    posted by Luximus

    First of all, this battery is bigger then standard. But it has so much mAh and that's the main reason why I've bought it. Back cover is nice, and it's made of quality material so you cannot break it easily. I didn't try to break it, but you can feel that it's quite good.
    I used battery with always turned wi-fi and mobile network, i used a lot of applications and games during that time, just to see how it lasts. And battery life is amazing. On the stand by mode, you can't believe how long does it last.
    All by all, considering how much it costs, and what you get for that money, it's a great shopping and a great deal. Yes, back cover is not prettier then original slim version, but you can't have it both - battery with this much mAh and slim phone. I recommend this for all travellers, people who talk much on the phone and using internet all the time like me, and business people who don't care so much about enlarging back cover of their phone.


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