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s3 aluminum case

You can easily find the latest low priced s3 aluminum case offered at our online shop. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Find more popular products from s3 silicone case, s3 hard case. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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s3 aluminum case Customers Reviews

  • A good product with good price

    posted by DjBr1

    The case fits perfectly to the shape of the phone. The buttons are in the right place and in addition, the hard rear gives you a beautiful shape. The gum protects from impact and also the color chosen by me (pink), it's beautiful. His appearance is hard and properly protect my Galaxy Mini.
    Without doubt, the best case I have found for my phone. Combine the plastic to absorb shock and hardness of aluminum to prevent scratching.
    A very good buy, would definitely repeat if this casing is broken. In my town there is this model, but much lower models are at much higher prices than I paid for it.
  • Nice cheap case but the quality can be improved

    posted by nizesa

    The aluminum back gives a nice solid feel to the case and the color complements the silicon backing. Side buttons align perfectly and buttons can be used with ease
    noticed a dent at my aluminum backing, not sure if it was like that originally or the case is just too soft.
    cheap, useful case that add colors to youru phone
  • excellent protection

    posted by davidmezza11

    this case perfectly protects the phone from a fall on any angle, other cases only protect the back but the screen is exposed to damage. this one protects the fall 100% to a flat surface. the aluminum back exceeded my expectations it is made of an excellente material and quality. i have been using it for more than 3 months and the paint hasnt peeled at all.
    excellent and top quality product
  • Very nice case!

    posted by lyur123

    -Nice at hand-Silicone covers the frame very well (important for S3)-silicone buttons for power & volume (not just a hole like other cases)-more than all the others, when you take it with this case, i feel that my phone is safe (at least for me)
    Th worst of this bought was that my phone fall to floor before it arrived and it has a little impact on cristal at very botton right , so when i put this case on my phone i could say that the silicone covers over the phone almost all the impact my phone had, i'm pretty sure that this case could absorb all the damage if it were there.I'm happy in addition to this because it covers almost all the damage so it hide that damage ^_^
    If you need a case, if you want a safe case, buy it.
  • Excellent and Cosmetically Appealing

    posted by jephyang

    The design of this case is great. It fits snugly on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and protects the back and the edges, although not the glass (but then again, it wasn't intended to protect the glass!).
    I realized after a week of usage that should I drop the phone, a hard case does not protect as well as a soft case, due to the bounciness (is that a word?) offered by it's silicone counterparts. The hard case is good to protect against abrasive damage and fat people sitting on it, but probably won't protect against a drop. Weigh your options carefully.
    Great buy if you're looking for armor and mid-range protection to avoid bricking your phone.

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