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  • Best deal found

    posted by pdmrs

    Price FinishingSwitcherS-video plug-in
    It costs five times more in a entertainment retail shop chain. I was wondering if it would worth for it price. It is not flimsy neither slender but strongly built, made of nice finishing. It does it job with no problems at all. I used it plugged to my old vhs and easycap (also ordered here on dx.com) to save old home made videos. I'd chance to check stereo sound and it worked fine. I will keep it for future applications with different proposes.
    Good deal, best price, so useful, and no cons so far
  • Wok's really good

    posted by drakanseiken

    It's made of really good materials, it's a little gray/white, the cables are very resistant, you can use it yo view your pc on the tv, im gonna try to use it for play Ps3 on a monitor, i hope works for that, if it work i defenetly put a video here showing it.
    If you are trying to use your monitor as a TV for playing with the xbox or the Ps3, even the wii, this cable can help you, o even if you are trying to plug your pc to a tv its really fine.
    You really should buy this cable, If you are trying to use your monitor as a TV for playing with the xbox or the Ps3, even the wii, this cable can help you, o even if you are trying to plug your pc to a tv its really fine. :)
  • You get what you buy

    posted by aigars.ramans

    Took an hour for me to find this. It does what it's supposed to do, works with all computers with VGA port. Small stylish and esasy to use.
    It comes with wires included just as promised - 1 x USB cable (126cm), 1 x VGA cable (115cm), 1 x S-Video cable (190cm), 1 x Video cable (114cm), so you don't need to worry about setting the converter up and buying additional components.
    I recomend this, you won't be dissapointed. The price ir right, it's easy to use and the quality is good. Everything works, just plug and play.
  • Doesn't work for me.

    posted by Vorkbaard

    It's not very expensive. It looks quite solid, it does not look like cheap plastic fake connectors. The RCA connectors are not el-cheapo quality but seem alright.
    I made sure other vga cables worked on my laptop and other inputs on the same connection on my tv work. This VGA to S-Video 3 RCA Composite AV Converter Adapter Cable is the only variable and it just doesn't send a signal from the VGA to the RCA connector.Three stars out of five for quality because although it looks ok, it didn't work for me.
    Do what you want but I'm not buying another one of these. It is a mechanical connection so I guess not much can go wrong with it.
  • Item works flawlessly, compact size, solid build

    posted by eskyder

    - Super cheap
    - This item works perfect in all my computers (it's the first adapter that works perfect with my laptop Think Pad R61).
    - It allows to use my S-Video Out with older TV sets (instead of using expensive vga adapters), even with XGA resolution.
    - Image output is in color, not black & white as with other adapters (my TV is PAL).
    - Super compact, nice build, feels like an expensive adapter.
    - Connectors are gold plated.
    - Used it on a daily basis for a long time and still as good as the first day.
    - If you have a laptop with S-Video TV-out, this item is a must buy.
    - It's perfect for watching a DVD or internet movies on your TV, setup is a breeze.
    - Since it is very small, you can lose it if you are careless :)
    - If you wasted your money on other adapters, it is your fault.
    The adapter works perfect even with quirky laptops like mine, the build quality is very high, and the size is perfect to carry it anywhere with your laptop. 100% recommended if you need this.

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