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rs232 to ttl Customers Reviews

  • RS232 Serial port to TTL converter

    posted by hrpanchal

    It is easy to use this converter. simple, tiny and good thing is that it comes with necessary plugin wires for power and data.If you want to hookup your micro-controller to other micro-controller devices, this converter works excellent. I recommend to buy this product as easy to setup. Also, there are two LED on board for Rx/Tx which shows transfer of data.
    very useful for microcontroller
    simple, tiny and good thing is that it comes wit
  • Not cheap, but does the job well.

    posted by rigorka

    This is certainly the most simple way to connect your RS232 equipment (for example, the UPS management port) to your Arduino.
    The best way to test it with Arduino is by using the SoftwareSerial library. This allows you to use Arduin's primary RX/TX pins to send/receive the debug output to your computer via USB, while SoftwareSerial is used to get the RS-232 data from this device.
    Straightforward solution for those needing RS232 interface but feeling to lazy to put together their own level converter.
  • Good for personal proyects

    posted by aferruelo

    This is a good and cheap device that provides TTL signals from a USB portI use this to reprogram some modems and works perfect.I has 2 different power lines 3.3v and 5v that help a lot because not all the devices are the same.It came with a different color wires that helps identify each signal
    For the price I dont think there is a better solution.
    Must have!
  • Good for old stuff...

    posted by JoaoRibas

    Excellent to work with old stuff (PIC, 8051, 8bit all around) in newer laptops or desktops that don't have serial ports. No problem at all with drivers or installation, Windows 7 worked it out alone.
    I bought two of these boards, and both of them came in black pcbs and different placement of the components on the board if you compare with the photos on DX. No problem with that, both of them worked fine.
    If you have to work with 8bit microcontrollers or similar things its a pretty good help in modern computers.
  • Good product for a Good Price

    posted by Gekkie

    Normally you would use a MAX232 chip to convert RS232 to TTL. With the coming of low power chips (3.3V) This became a problem and you either had to involve a 5 volt power supply or use a buck booster. The MAX 3232 chip is the same as the MAX232 but now in low power so it will be happy with 3.3 volts.Chip has it's own little PCB to make soldering easier and includes all the CAPS needed to make it work
    the MAX3232 chip here in europe is about $10 a pop so this is really a bargin. I am baffeled why the designers choose T2&R2 instead of the normal T1&R1.
    Good PCB with a great chip


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