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rs232 to rs232 Customers Reviews

  • Not cheap, but does the job well.

    posted by rigorka

    This is certainly the most simple way to connect your RS232 equipment (for example, the UPS management port) to your Arduino.
    The best way to test it with Arduino is by using the SoftwareSerial library. This allows you to use Arduin's primary RX/TX pins to send/receive the debug output to your computer via USB, while SoftwareSerial is used to get the RS-232 data from this device.
    Straightforward solution for those needing RS232 interface but feeling to lazy to put together their own level converter.
  • RS232 Serial port to TTL converter

    posted by hrpanchal

    It is easy to use this converter. simple, tiny and good thing is that it comes with necessary plugin wires for power and data.If you want to hookup your micro-controller to other micro-controller devices, this converter works excellent. I recommend to buy this product as easy to setup. Also, there are two LED on board for Rx/Tx which shows transfer of data.
    very useful for microcontroller
    simple, tiny and good thing is that it comes wit
  • Works like a charm

    posted by Tixhyl

    It just works, does what it should do. Has a nice design, usb jack is long enough. Comes with the handy cables to attach an Arduino or other microcontroller or serial device. Power indicator (red), Transmit (green) and Receive (orange).
    It's a cheap, good looking and working usb to serial converter, can be used for microcontrollers but remember, it has no reset line.
    Definitely recommendable for all those who are looking for a cheap usb to serial converter!
  • Works great

    posted by Hemi345

    I used this to convert the levels from a Wiznet Ethernet to Serial module to a PICAXE microcontroller. The activity LEDs are a nice status indicator for troubleshooting.
    I couldn't build my own any cheaper.
    Worth the wait.
  • Strong Black Thing

    posted by boober

    Tightly-molded, firm one. Works fine with my old graphic tablet in XP. Cable included is very useful because the thing is quite too large and heavy for PC's USB socket. Usual PL2303 chip inside - must work almost everywhere.
    It's better than that colorful thin plastic ones for its durability and strenght. Useful for work, but cannot be disassembled, so for experiments that glassy plastic ones is more suitable.
    Good buy for serious needs.

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