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  • USB -> RS232 - Conventor lite

    posted by TomasekTMK

    + Simple functional and professionally produced.+ Works on the first connection.+ Led indication for better clarity.+ Tested communication via the programming language Visual Basic 6 and everything is fine.+ Includes cable to other equipment such as AVR microcontroller
    + A simple device to connect your PC and microprocessor or other device requiring communication through the old RS232 interface.
    I encourage all who are home electrical equipment.
  • RS232 Serial port to TTL converter

    posted by hrpanchal

    It is easy to use this converter. simple, tiny and good thing is that it comes with necessary plugin wires for power and data.If you want to hookup your micro-controller to other micro-controller devices, this converter works excellent. I recommend to buy this product as easy to setup. Also, there are two LED on board for Rx/Tx which shows transfer of data.
    very useful for microcontroller
    simple, tiny and good thing is that it comes wit
  • Not cheap, but does the job well.

    posted by rigorka

    This is certainly the most simple way to connect your RS232 equipment (for example, the UPS management port) to your Arduino.
    The best way to test it with Arduino is by using the SoftwareSerial library. This allows you to use Arduin's primary RX/TX pins to send/receive the debug output to your computer via USB, while SoftwareSerial is used to get the RS-232 data from this device.
    Straightforward solution for those needing RS232 interface but feeling to lazy to put together their own level converter.
  • Bang for your buck

    posted by netesin

    First of all, this adapter is based on the Prolific PL-2303HXD (HX Revision D.) chip. Native Prolific drivers install and work fine with this thing and the "checkchipversion.exe" software bundled with the Prolific drivers identifies this as PL-2303HXD.I tested it by connecting via console line to Mikrotik RB2011UAS and Cisco Catalyst 3550 with a Cisco rollover cable and both devices worked fine with this adapter.Famous brands' USB-RS232 adapters on Prolific chips costs generally about $100 and this thing costs 10 times less. Definitely buy it while it is still in stock.
    I'm surprised there aren't any reviewes yet for this item. Definitely worth buying.
    Buy it!
  • RS-232 Transceiver Breakout Board

    posted by 4ndre

    Nicely built 9.5x16mm PCB with MAX3232 CSE+ (16PIN SO Package 3.0 to 5.5V) and the respective 0.1µF plus VCC capacitors.This is the recommended setup for this component.Small form factor, you can easily put it in an existing project.
    Very useful for interface with today 'all USB' and legacy RS-232 devices. You'll need to check the datasheet of 'MAX3232'In the top is the RX2/TX2 on the bottom RX1/TX1, in all the sides is the VCC + GND.
    Definitely worth the price, I would buy more of this items!

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