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  • Great produkt for my Work as Cisco Engineer

    posted by VoltagesPSP

    Very nice card needed one for my laptop because most of them have no serial port. As a Cisco Engineer i use console cables a lot so this is better than an USB to serial Cable. And you need that port for other things.Now i even use that slot on my laptop i tought it was useless. But now i found something for it:)
    To bad it doesn't fit in my bag with the card still pluged in to my laptop so i have to remove it every time.
    Ive you need a serial port on your laptop buy it!
  • Cheap and works partially, needs tinkering

    posted by prozhen

    This unit is cheap and it reads the cards I have, working on 125kHz. It has a simple construction and is easy to open up if you would like to modify it somehow.
    Should come with information regarding output, voltage and much else. On the back it says "220V AC 12V DC", but by looking inside, it seems that it would be fried if you apply these voltages. It is powered by USB, so 5 volt DC ought to do it.
    DX should also supply a RJ14 to a more "common" pinout, for those hardware-hackers who wants to interface it in other ways than by USB and RS232.
    It also seems that the pins in use at the RS232-port are non-default. DB9 Pins 1 and 4 are in use for the data, the others are not used. I am not sure if it will work if you just connect it directly to your computer. I had to use an arduino to relay the serial data.
    Works, sort of. Does its job.
    Can be used for many interesting things.
    Flimsy but cheap.
    Little documentation, be prepared to use some time on making it work like desired.
    I have yet to be able to write to a card with this.
  • Great tool for IT

    posted by lu7and

    - Common chipset: works under Linux and BSD flavors.- Laptops' vendors stopped including serial port, it will help you.
    If you work in IT/networking or sysadmin this item will help you to administrate routers or switches. And in my experience, it was plug-n-play.
    I have RS232-to-USB too but didn't work for me, I prefer this item. Senior networking brands -ie Cisco- still uses Console cable with has a RS232 connector.
  • Could be cheaper, but definitely works!

    posted by ishiyakazuo

    It works splendidly on PCs that have no serial ports (or fewer than the desired number). Very fast compared to a USB dongle, but for many, it's a non-issue anyway (unless you're using it to transfer firmware or something similar).
    I found one with a parallel port as well from a USA seller for less right after I ordered these. But they seem to be gone now, and I didn't really need an extra parallel port, so this was fine.
    If you're hooking up a lot of devices that require serial port (RS232) connectivity, this makes some sense to get, I'd imagine :)
  • Cool product, but useless in some cases

    posted by Ray538

    - Makes it easy to connect a RS232 device to your notebook
    - Plug & play (in some cases you need to install the drivers from the disk)
    The box says 'PCMCIA', but it's not a PCMCIA card, it's an ExpressCard, like the DealExtreme title says. Only the boxing is wrong, on the card zelf it says ExpressCard.
    Nice product, but because of the USB simulation it doesn't work with every RS232 device.

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