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  • Chinese to EU adapter

    posted by juanantoniobs

    Inexpensive solution for using your chinese gadgets in your european plugs. Normally chinese plug devices are cheaper than european plug devices, so you can save a lot of money with this adapter
    Be carefull when taking the plug out, the bars between this adapter and your device are powered, so don't touch them
    I have bought some more units of this and I'm very glad with the product
  • cool

    posted by frdeitos

    Perfect fit for an HP laptop. Allows generic laptop power supplies to be used with an HP laptop. The build quality is excellent - every bit as good as factory original connectors. Very reliable and durable.
    If you have an HP that needs this type of connector - then get one (or many, as I did) and you can use generic after-market power packs with your HP!
    If you have an HP that needs this type of connector - then get one (or many, as I did) and you can use generic after-market power packs with your HP!
  • Work as original

    posted by ipushkarov

    Work as original. The product is working as expected. Managed to change my old power without a problem.
    You must make an investigation and read in the Internet, if this product is compatible with your hardware. Dell hardware is very delicate, and there is a possibility it won't work with your power supply.
    Buy this product only if you are sure it will work with you device. Use with precaution only if you are sure. This can permanently damage your Dell machine motherboard. Be sure you have the same plug connectors. If they are not this could to lost power and also damage you hardware.
  • Cheap but useful

    posted by SilentGuy

    Adapter is very cheap, simple to use and it can't get much smaller or lighter, making it very simple to take along
    Cheap adapters increase the chance of people accidentally plugging a 230V device in a 110V outlet etc.
    The adapter felt pretty cheaply made but that's what do be expected for that price. It fulfilled it purpose of allowing me to recharge my devices on my trip to the united states.
  • can't do without

    posted by opaben

    This tiny, round to flat, powerplug is very handy and you really can't do without when you are a frequent (or not so frequent) traveler to the USA and/or South America. as q European and being used to round powerplugs you really need to bring your own converter if you travel a lot, now this little powerplug converter has it all, easy to stash away anywhere and it comes at a great price, so you might want to buy a few at the same time, so you will never be without when you need one.
    ever wanted to charge your cellphone in a lonely hotelroom and your charger did not fit in the wall outlet.
    this is it people, don't hesitate.

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