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round cob led module

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round cob led module Customers Reviews

  • it is very good

    posted by maxi06

    very gooooooooooooooood light and so much easy to install . Very bright led .low price .it is perfect to use in DIY system .very low consumption .
    high-power LED is very efficient, Very good luminance compared to normal 70w light bulb don't create a spot like the normal spotlight . The luminance is very smooth.I realized that really, I mean really, diminished the electricity bills by replacing the halogen bulbs with LED bulbs
    very good quality and quite cheap compared to their counterparts of the same quality .
  • Perfect for ceiling lighting

    posted by TechJunkie2

    Nice very bright light output and nice colour temperature. Leaning very slightly towards yellow it emitts a light similar to that of an incadesant light bulb. I have installed it inside a ceiling light that I purchased from Ikea (2.99). After stripping out the electrics the LED disc could be perfectly seated/Glued with themal paste) onto the metal structure of the light housing. This along with a 15w constant current regulator SKU186293 (Glued in place with epoxy putty) provided a perfect replacent for a 60w incandescent light bulb. It's been running for 3 months now with no over heating problems (Just the light housing to disapate heat) and provide enough light to fill my large bedroom.
    perfect replacement for incandescent light bulb.
    This is a high poered array of LED's housed on the same substrate. It gives of a lot of light (not to be looked at directly) and requires diffusion. Get this if you know what your doing and are handy with a soldering iron. You won't be disapointed
  • strong light source

    posted by ustohal

    Round plate with 20pcs LEDs lit intense warm light. Luminous flux is about 70W clear bulb. Beam angle of 100 degrees estimate. She has a lot of heat, it is necessary to place the radiator. It can be screwed for the center hole. Isolate the screw, there is short supply pads. Covering plastic layer is soft to the touch. Rather put LED module cover glass. CAUTION: do not look directly at lighted plate, it hurts your eyes really shines a lot.
    It is an efficient light source with high power. I will powering 12W LED constant current cource cower cupply driver 300mA (SKU 81770). Lit perfectly.
  • Experiences with 7w LED module

    posted by KPA999

    Cheap, easy to handle, seems like a robust build.
    Used these to refurbish outdoor downlights that were previosly fitted with fluorescent 16 w "bulbs" (2D 2-pin/GR8).Since it's cold where I live, these lights have never worked very well, and the bulb's lifespan has been limited, to say the least.I gutted the downlight fixture, and mounted one of these LED modules and a 7W LED Constant Current Source Power Supply Driver (90~265V) (SKU 81773) in it.All I can say at this point is that it's been a definite succes.The 6w diode module is as bright as the 16w fluorescent bulb, albeit tempered a tad colder.Super stuff.
    I am bying more, and am probably going to refurbish the lights in my cellar as well.
  • Very bright and affordable

    posted by gamei56

    Very cheap, very bright, positive and negative terminals clearly labeled, nice notches around.
    Out of the three I ordered, one has failed. Not sure if these are reliable. I use these with an LED AC/DC driver that was somewhere on this site. They are very bright and the viewing angle is not very wide, so for spotlighting purposes, these are good.
    If you need a cheap and powerful LED, get this and get a heatsink with some thermal epoxy or drill it in nicely.

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