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rope cord Customers Reviews

  • Paracord

    posted by 230811

    It´s a very strong rope as everyone know. I don´t tested yet but I´m sure it will hold! The price is nice too and the free shipping it´s a plus. It this you can do a lot of models of lanyards. Good buy.
    Strong and usefull rope, I will use it for a lot of things. I think who bought this rope could learn how to do lanyards, it´s very cool. One reason for me to buy this was to do this. And it have 7 nylon wires or more.
    Strong rope, to do a lot of things with it. Good buy and the free shipping it´s very nice too.
  • Good product for light duty

    posted by capicaparros

    The hooks are made of one piece of aluminum. It seems to withstand light forces. They've drawn the simple instructions very easy to follow. Came with four light ropes useful for camping or light duty hanging.
    The size makes them light but metal makes them strong. Ropes look consistent with the size of the hooks.
    Good product for camping, fixing tents or tarps or hanging light goods.
  • Good for normal usage

    posted by DellSuperman

    - The price is way too cheap. I have to pay SGD$30+ for the same length, but I am not too sure if the material is the same thought.
    - I have not tried up to the max load but it can definitely hold very heavy stuff, up to 50kg, for my test.
    I am pretty sure this is not the military grade material but who cares, I am definitely not going parachuting tying my own lines.
    For everything else, they are definitely more than useful..
    I use them to tie lanyards for ALOT of my stuffs & I still have plenty left...
  • Red, not orange

    posted by smasher

    Seems to be a decent quality 7-strend paracord.Fire-engine red.Candy-apple red.Punk-rock red.Scarlet red.
    I was hoping it would be more orange. It's just red.Maybe sku.110329 is really orange???
    If you're looking for orange paracord, this is NOT it. it's nothing but red. I was hoping it would be more orange. It's just red.Maybe sku.110329 is really orange???Fire-engine red.Candy-apple red.Punk-rock red.Scarlet red.
  • Not Bad (c)

    posted by AFakeman

    - Quite cheap- There are already two loops at the ends of rope- Good bag- Really universal- Useful at practicing tightening ties
    - Realy good at camping- Can be used to get out of 2 floor window
    Not so bad product for not so bad price. I went to camping some times, and it realy helped to get off trees,to make a swing, to make animal traps, etc

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